Monday, 22 August 2016

Look: Neon-Tropical.

Yesterday I created my final Tropical face for a competition hosted by @DevinahCosmetics on Instagram. It didn't look very impressive in normal light but being stubborn and crafty I decided to stick with it. Behold! It's amazing what the right light can do for pictures.
Don't be fooled, I don't have any fancy equipment besides my pretty decent camera which I love to bits and am still experimenting with. This series of selfies was taken with me sitting on the floor against a plain wall, which unfortunately is beige rather than white (really need to get it painted), a regular table lamp with just a white bulb placed on the armrest of an armchair. Which is usually how it goes, I might use flash sometimes but I find that low light brings a special feel which I love.

I do still want to get a proper beauty dish and a LED box... But for now I'm just excited to experiment with what I can find around the house.

And as usual, no edits, straight out of the camera because I love seeing how I'm getting a few lines on my face. :) Full product details at the end of post.

Product details:
Jordana Cosmetics Foundation in Natural.
Sleek Makeup Snapshots Palette for blush, under eyes, purple on brows and highlight.
- Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Coconut highlight powder used as setting powder, Bronzed Rose Powder to warm my complexion and Mineral eye shadow in Carbon for eyeliner and brows.
- Espionage Cosmetics shadow Wub-Wub (yellow) on lids up to brow. Glitter in Invincibility over half the lid. Kiss of Death lip serum on the lips.
BarryM lip liner in Fuchsia on brows and lips.
- Tarte Lights camera lashes mascara.

Take care and have an awesome day!