Monday, 19 September 2016

Haul: Newness and some Back-ups.

Where I live post codes don't exist.
In order for me to get things which can't be found in our little town I have to order online, internationally. What I order I get sent to a local hub through a shipping warehouse in SA, the UK or US. So it's whatever time it takes for the parcel to arrive at my selected warehouse plus the time it takes for the warehouse to process the parcel as they have to go through the contents to make sure there's no dangerous goods or things which they don't handle for various reasons.
All in all it normally takes around 2 (if I'm lucky) to 5 weeks for me to get my things, it takes longer if my orders contain liquids. I just wanted to put this out there as I will be posting about things which are limited editions, seasonal or even GWPs occasionally.

Such is the case today.
I placed my first ever order to Southern Comforts in June and this little indie company has changed my love for fragrance, which before them was non existing. I used to go for "clean smells", fresh laundry stuff, hella boring. In August I placed my second order in conjunction with Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party celebration.
So here's what I ordered:

Two body balms:
The Night The Lights Went Out (Honey Tangerine, Lavender Absolute, Dark Vanilla, Tonka Absolute)
Miss Leonie's Lift (Yuzu, Bergamon, Pink Peppercorn, Geranium)

Body lotion:
West Memphis Sweater Weather (White Chocolate, Coffee, Whipped Cream, Toasty Bread, Vanilla, Wood, Amber)

5 Oil Samples (plus two extra, because she's wonderful):
I let Allison chose for me as I was a bit overwhelmed by the amazing selection, she has great taste and this is what she chose for me:
From the Pretty Scents:
Island in The Stream (Pineapple, Sweet Orange, Spicy Cardamon)
Charlotte Sunshine (Lemon Wedges, Tea, Sugar, Gardenia Blossoms, Gardenia Tree Leaves)
Mama Tried (Four Vanilla, Blended Whisky, Gardenia, Honeysuckle)
Kentucky Harvest (Fall Leaves, Red Apple, Pear, Cedar Wood, Dirt)
From Hamilton by SoCo:Helpless (Tea Cakes, Champagne, Floral Arrangements and Fresh Peaches Imported from Georgia)
You'll Be Back (Seawater, Wet Sand, Wood, Tea, Powder)
Burn (Aging Roses, Tears and Burning Paper)

Fragrance Oil:
Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party (Sugared Lemon, Buttery Cake, Bakery Vanilla, Sweet Burbon Glaze, Black Tea, Fresh Lemon, Raw Sugar, A Touch of Pink Lady Apple and Anjou Pear, A Hint of Spice and the Faintest Wisp of Sweet Amber) with pin.

Also received a GWP which consisted of a petite solid perfume in Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party (these are so convenient on the go) and a mini foaming sugar scrub in the same scent, which is pretty awesome if you're into luxury feel body care.

Southern Comforts link:
Southern Comforts Fragrance Master List:

And now to my Dirty Hippie Cosmetics loot... Hahaha, this post is going to be so long... Sorry... ^^
As the people who follow me on Instagram might know, I'm a huge fan of DHC.
I started my journey towards a cleaner life in 2011 after I got married and was at my all time biggest.
It's been a very rewarding journey and along it I decided to look into clean beauty, that's where I came across amazing Danni who runs DHC.
So what I got this time round was:

Organic Vegan Moisturizers:
2x Age Defying Blueberry Bliss (cause I'm getting old ya'll)
Nourishing Sweet Rose
Hydrating Hemp and Raspberry Seed Primer

Face Mask:
Calming Chamomile
Blueberry Bliss (back-up)

Coconut Highlight Powder, refill.

Raw Face Feed (a must, back-up)

Luxury Facial Cleansing Bar (back-up)

BB powder in Sunkissed which was super well timed as I hit major pan on one of my powders.

Mineral lipstick in Terra Firma... Which is now my all time favorite.

Link to Dirty Hippie Cosmetics shop:

I'm going to write more about both these companies later on with reviews and how I use each thing... I love them both and have not come across anything which hasn't preformed or not been as described. So yay! Also please feel free to drop me any questions.