Thursday, 1 December 2016

Look: Flowers in my hair.

Nature around here in Livingstone is magical.
The wind blew some of my favorite flowers from the tree tops the other day. I just couldn't resist making a look using them.
So here's what I came up with.

Product details at the end.

@dirtyhippiecosmetics Mineral Concealer in Sunkissed to lightly cover my redness and a few pigmentation spots, Coconut Highlight Powder applied along my brow bone for a shimmery base, Bronzed Rose Powder for a warm contour and base in my eye crease, Mineral eyeshadow in Boysenberry to amp my contour.
@zodiackillercosmetics gravity primer all over and under my eyes, lipstick Sun as eyeliner and a mix of Mercury (2/3) and Venus (1/3) on the lips.
@amalgamscentcompany for @cometcomforts LE pressed highlighter in Muchness on the inner corners of my eyes.
@fairbeautycosmetics pressed shadows The Ghoul under the eyes and on brows, Witch's Brew over the lids, Dragon Mist loose highlighter brow bone and a tiny bit on the lower part of my inner corners, Halloween Delight as highlighter.
@concreteminerals loose shadow in Confession used as a base under my eyes and all over my cheek bones.
@espionage_cosmetics shadows Tokyo Rose as a soft blush and Eridium used in the crease and under eyes.
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