Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mini review & Look: Feline Fancy collection by Sugarpill.

It finally arrived!!!
I will share my thoughts and a look I did, so if you're into that, keep reading.

Also, excuse the shift in light. Weather has been terrible here and the sun is being a major pain. It just came out but I'm not going to take new pictures. I'm not happy with you sun!

The collection consists of one Oxblood shimmery/metallic liquid lipstick and a four pan palette. The palette has three foiled shadows and one matte.

The packaging is sturdy and feels great for a cardboard palette. Each shadow is 1.45g/0.05 oz and the lipstick is 5.4 ml/0.18 oz.
Artwork by the talented Brandi Milne.

I decided to swatch these shadows with a brush on bare skin using one of the brushes I used for the look I made using this palette. Brush: Cozzette D225.

Swatches on dry skin in low natural light. I didn't really have the light to do awesome swatches but there are thousands of better ones on the internet.

The liquid lipstick wand.
So here are my thoughts.
While I have quite a few similar shadows in my collection which would swatch a lot better I feel like I personally needed this collection. I like the colour payoff, not patchy at all, it's perfect for layering and creating dimensions. It's easy to build over primer and I really wouldn't recommend using it without anyhow. I heard a few complaints about kick up in the pans, I've not experienced that myself. They all look beautiful and for a more intense look you can use a sealing/setting liquid.

To me this is a solid palette, collection even.
The only negative thing I have to say, which might just be a personal preference, is that the lipstick wand isn't great.
I've been using this lipstick since I got it and I love the shade but if I use the wand it takes a really long time to dry, actually hasn't dried ever as I only used the wand once... It was tacky on my lips for a good hour until I wiped it off and reapplied it with a lip brush.
In my experience the best way to apply it is by rolling the wand on the back of your clean hand and use a lip brush to apply two thin coats on your lips. I let each coat dry and I use the Cozzette P370 to apply it.

And here's a few selfies.
Full product details on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill.