Thursday, 28 September 2017

Skincare Disappointments: Round 1.

It has been a while since I've come across something I've been disappointed with.
This week I managed to try two things I hate.

First item:
African Extracts Rooibos - Triple Action Serum.

This is supposed to be the premium selection within this brand.

This serum reeks of alcohol, feels drying and almost evaporated from my hands before I managed to spread it out over my face! I tried this for a little longer than a week and learned to work fast. The strong alcohol smell did however make me stop using it. It just didn't make me feel comfortable using it after making an effort getting rid of alcohol in my skincare many years ago. I was aware of this product containing alcohol beforehand but wanted to see what it was about but I learned my lesson and will go back to proper skincare.
I'll finish this as a hand and foot serum before applying moisturizer.

A real bummer as I do like the cheaper night cream and the face cleansing bar... Not mind blowing stuff but good basics.

Second item:
Juice Beauty - Nutrient Moisturizer

I'm so happy I never bought the full size of this!!!
I've been eyeing this moisturizer for a while because of good reviews, I love the concept of the brand and how they present themselves but man, this was not for me.
I received a sample with a recent order.
My skincare routine is currently: cleanse, tone, eye cream, serum, moisturizer and finishing with oil.

This moisturizer does not agree with extra help.
I was massaging it into my skin as I normally do with my moisturizer when it started to peel a bit.
I thought i would leave it for about 10 minutes in hopes of it being absorbed into my skin before I applied my oil.
Nope, it did not get absorbed, the oil peeled it all off which has never happened before with any other moisturizer.
I don't overwork my face and have used this oil for over a year now (on my third bottle) with around 6 other moisturizers under it without problems.

That's it for now.
I'll hopefully not be sharing any more disappointments in the near future...

*pictures are not mine, they're from the brands pages.