Wednesday, 2 May 2018

In My Stash: Southern Comforts.

As I took this picture I was convinced that I was going to write an elaborate review of each fragrance I have... I think I was underestimating the amount of products I have.

I've been a big fan of the wonderful fragrance world that has been built by Southern Comforts for a few years now, they recently went through a owner change but it doesn't change my love for the brand/products. The new owners seem like a pretty awesome couple.

When I dove into these I didn't quite realize how important fragrance was going to become in my life. I had completely stopped wearing fragrances as they made me feel sick but I didn't understand for a long time that it was a problem I had with alcohol based fragrances.

My fragrances each help me during different times, I can't sleep well unless I have a soothing fragrance around me. I never thought aromatherapy was a thing that would work for me but it does! I simply feel better when I can smell vanilla, citrus or whatever else I might feel like to perk myself up. My collection does mainly consists of sweet, floral, warm and fresh notes with about half being limited edition fragrances.

I can highly recommended the whipped scrubs and body lotions as well. I've gone though a few bits over the years. I will advise caution with the balms, I can use them on my body but not on my chest and neck area, it does make me break out. So if you do have any sensitivity to coconut oil, I get cystic acne, just stay clear of those areas and make sure to scrub your body where you've put it on to avoid breakouts when you're done for the day or in the morning.

But that's it really, I have zero complaints and don't know what else to write. Feel free to drop me a message here or on Instagram (@cynthiaiskillikill) with questions or simply send it to Southern Comforts. They're super kind and helpful.

In my current collection:

Limited edition:
Snape's Potions Room.
Frog's Breath.

The Night The Light's Went Out
Mama Tried
Aunt Bessie's Bunnies
West Memphis Sweater Weather
Abuela's Holiday Kitchen
The Tattooed Woman
Seaside Citrus
Miss Leonie's Lift
Coat Of Many Colours
Three Fundamental Truths

Fragrance oils:
Limited edition:
Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party
Moonpie's Moon dance
Seven Impossible Things
The Great Hall
Cat Temple Purrfume
Worm's Wood
Elbow Sex
Sweet Transvestite
Yia Yia's Garden
Two mystery fragrances.

Woman Enough To Take My Man
Abuela's Christmas Kitchen

None of these were sent to me, all were bought with my money and lack of being able to hold back.