Saturday, 3 September 2016

Basics: What my skin is like.

Picture: My face wearing coconut oil, black pigment and oil mix over the eyes and brows. Glitter  on my brow bone and cheek bones (I will never stop the sparkle madness!). In low light to show my skin texture.

I want to let you know what my skin is like before I dive any further into my stash, skincare and recommendations based on my experience. This will be my reference point until anything changes.

I'm 30 now and my skin can mainly be considered normal.
I have an oily T-zone during the summer (above 30 degrees Celsius with more than 70% humidity.) but the rest of the year I do have dry skin. Oily eyelids, dry on and around my nose and mouth.

My skin is very soft and feels thin.
I have hyper pigmentation, sun spots, medium sized pores, redness around my nose, on my cheeks as well as my jawline, just started getting fine lines under my eyes and my laugh lines are very prominent. I get cystic acne when the seasons change. I get hormonal acne around my jawline.

I use oils daily.
I use eye cream and serums.
I use sunscreen everyday on my face and lips.
I wash my face morning and night (an additional time midday during the summer).
I exfoliate gently every evening with a Konjac sponge.
I do a weekly face mask.
I have very dry lips, no matter how much water I drink, I always need lip balm.
I switch my skincare routine depending on the weather and my cycle.