Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Look: My everyday face.

My everyday face is very straight forward.
I currently use a BB cream with minimal coverage (20% coverage) which is mainly to hide my redness, to lightly conceal my dark circles and for the sunscreen in it. I personally don't like full coverage, I can't stand it when I can't randomly shove my face into my puppy's snugly body or headbutt the husband... I basically don't like to worry about leaving make-up marks or having to worry about my skin looking patchy. Instead I opt for a light coverage, a pretty highlighter, a simple lip and eyeliner. What I tend to experiment with is my eyeliner and highlight. Other than that it's pretty much the same every time I go out.

Face done for grocery shopping day, I rarely brush my hair.
Product details at the end.

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics: BB Cream in Moonlit. Mineral Eye Shadow in Carbon as a very light eyeliner. Coconut Highlight Powder down my nose bridge. Bronzed Rose Powder, lightly dusted over my lids and for a very gentle contour of my cheeks.
Espionage Cosmetics: shadow The Engineer, which is my highlighter for the day and Retrofit which I used to give my brows a super light shadow just to help them frame my face.
Iman Cosmetics: Lip Shimmer in Muse.
Kryolan: cream highlighter in Cashmere. This is my favorite highlight base. If I'm wearing highlighter I usually dab this on first to amp whatever else I have over. Today this is the base for the EC shadow The Engineer. Looked really pretty irl but unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the lavender shimmer. Sadness.
Shiro Cosmetics: Finishing Powder: Fatality. As setting powder mixed with equal amounts of the Coconut Highlight Powder as I don't like a completely matte face.

A few more pictures can be found on my Instagram: @cynthiaiskillikill