Saturday, 14 January 2017

Haul: Last shopping of 2016.

My final orders for 2016 FINALLY arrived...
These were all supposed to have been here for Christmas but due to some shit storm at JFK in conjunction with the madness of USPS they arrived today... Nothing to do with the companies.

So here's what I got myself!

My late Christmas gifts to myself! 

Click picture to visit Espionage Cosmetics!
Ugh! My heart! Haha... Such a drama queen... But I have so much love for these shadows. If your didn't know, all the make-up is being retired to make way for the new pressed shadows. (Go grab a bargain!!! Shadows are currently $5 each!!!)
What I got this time:
Nail wraps, of course, just look at them! Unicorn Blood is glittery and Redrum, do we need to say more? (Yes we do, they glow in the dark!) Got my favorite daily Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Venom and two shadows: Oxidize (glitter) and Retrofit (grey with golden shimmer). The first thing I ever bought from EC was the Neo-Victorian Collection. Been hooked since and was so excited when I got the opportunity to become a Nerd Make-up Ambassador. 😊 All good memories. My most recent posts are looks using the remaining stock of shadows, have a look if you're considering placing an order but do it soon! Stock is going fast!

Click picture to visit Notoriously Morbid!
A couple of months back I got to try a shadow from Notoriously Morbid which was a Limited edition one for the CometComforts Rocky Horror Picture Show box. Another month later I won a gift card from a raffle hosted by @samshineart. And add one more month and we had Black Friday! Yay! I went a bit nuts. I ordered all the vegan lip safe shadows I was confident I was going to use.

I got: Miniwashitu, Bigfoot, Alkali Lake Monster, Skunk Ape, Beast of Busco, Lockridge Monster, Nearly Headless Nick, Sleepy Sands, Fouke, Beast of Bladenboro and 18th Century Dandy. I'll be doing a swatch post during the coming week. 
Also got the Shadow Bind, Glitter Adhesive as I'm on a mission to find THE duochrome primer this year. And I got a GWP, a slumber salve, no idea what it is but will share my thoughts on that as well with the swatch post of doom.

Click picture to visit The Quixotic Eye! (Currently closed but back this month)
They're here!!! 
These candles are the reason I still have my Christmas tree up
(Shh, don't be like that, I'm an adult and I do as I want!)
I ordered the Holiday Candle Trio, I've already sniffed them far too much... Can't wait to light them! And they're huge! Also got the charity candle "Cancer sucks" because it does... 
Soaps, of course, I'm addicted. I got soaps in the fragrances Alice in Wonderland and Burning Love. 
Then these mad ladies threw in a Lip Balm in Fruit Cake and two perfume samples: Queen Bee and Violets Like Blue. Finally, Blood Moon Bubbling Bath Elixir which I had been asking about as I saw a picture of it a while back and I always need everything bath related in my life. Ladies, thank you, you rock. 💖

So all my addictions got fed today, fragrances in multiple forms, lip care, make-up, nail stuff and a sneaky bath elixir.
I'll be testing and swatching and doing all the things. As per usual I'll be posting random tests and thoughts on my Instagram story @cynthiaiskillikill. Also make sure to follow all these companies on social media for the latest updates! 
I'm off to play with my new toys now! Yay! 🙌