Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Nails: A year of Gossip...

As some might know I moved to Zambia just over a year ago.
It was a sudden thing.

So in the middle of this HUGE life change I had to make some decisions.
One of these (don't laugh at me) was choosing a few nail polishes to bring with me.
What a lot of you might not know is the immense importance of this.

Growing up I was raised to be proper, always look my best, be polished and always have manners.
I rebelled a lot growing up but I still did make some efforts in some areas, nails was definitely that area.
My mom always had perfect nails, which to this day blows my mind.
She was a machine mechanic/operator, mother to two kids, kept the house spotless and herself immaculate. She has always been my motivation. I NEVER quit because she never did.

Anyhow, nails.

So yeah, I brought very few nail polishes with me to Zambia. I actually only brought 6.
One navy, one purple, two top coats and two in the shade Gossip Column by Color Club.
I don't really know why I brought two of Gossip Column, I had actually not worn it much prior to this move and still somehow... Guess it's just my stubborn nature of making things work in my favor even if they don't look like they will.

But I am now completely in love with this shade.
Saddens me that I'm on my last half bottle... But we had a good run.
(And it's currently on sale so if you like it (and live in the US), now's the time to strike! I will have to pass as international shipping is insane from Colorclub!) Direct link <---

So yeah.
Here's a few pictures of me wearing this very unusual shade which I find looks pretty awesome against my pale olive complexion. And the glitters. I rarely ever wear nail polish without sparkling glitters on them.

Gossip Column in low light topped with EC glitter in Oxidize.
Gossip Column in flash photography plus day light topped with EC glitter in KAPOW!