Tuesday, 3 January 2017

CometComforts: Nightmare Before Christmas Deluxe Box.

Yay! My December CometComforts box arrived two days before Christmas and I couldn't have been more excited! This months theme was Nightmare Before Christmas, I managed to get the deluxe box which was packed with cute things!

So here's a breakdown of the contents of the box followed by mini reviews.

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CometVomit nail polishes were perfect! The green bottle has some subtle sparkles which were imposible to capture. The mini bottle contained red glitter, green Christmas trees, white snowflakes and black bats (deluxe box exclusive)! 
The polishes in action!
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I was so excited for these!!! These are wax melts from HorrorMelts. This was my first experience with melts and it was a very happy one, the house smells like peppermint candy canes. Looking forward to trying more melts in the future from this company. Click picture to get to shop.

I was a bit unlucky with this one from Mercury Gaze. My things travel far to get to me and this was supposed to be a bathbomb, unfortunately it arrived as a bag of powder. Still gave me a lovely fragranced bath of course.
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And finally, SoCo fragrance. I was quite surprised by this fragrance!
I was expecting sugary cakes, frosting, candy canes and amber.
But it was all fresh woodsy, green fragrances. I don't mind that one bit as I don't have that. Worm's Wood is an instant favorite.
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So what a surprise! I was expecting a more traditional warm box but it turned out to be a very fresh, slightly sugary box!
Not sure where this box lands on the ranks... It might be my favorite due to how wearable/usable everything was. I'm not sure... I did also love the Harry Potter one... Hmm...
I don't know why I even started this. So far I've been able to feel the theme through every box and loved them all.
These ladies have done an amazing job at curating these boxes and also choosing themes. I didn't get the first one which was a mermaid themed one, the only box I really wasn't interested in at all. I felt similar about the Alice in Wonderland box but got sold on the tea... (Ha-h!) I'm close to finishing the polish which came in that box so... Yeah. A box of happy surprises which I'm looking forward to each month. The January box is going to be a charity box, for details follow @cometcomforts on Instagram.

I'll stop rambling now.
Happy new year!