Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Fashion: My capsule wardrobe goals.

I've seen the light!

I used to be one of those people who never wore anything more than once, maybe twice out during my clubbing days. I had not one, but three rooms where I stored my clothing. It became a big problem as I bought more than I would get rid off.

When my string of moves began with me going to live with my love, it quickly became a weird thing in my head. I missed my clutter so much! I moved with only 3 suitcases of clothing. Long story short, it has taken me just over 10 years to "cure" myself from the ridiculous consumer heavy mentality of having more makes you happy.

I have now decided to cut down and have set a goal, it will absolutely be my dream wardrobe with investment pieces rather than fast fashion.

My goal is for my wardrobe to consist of:

• 4 Shawls, I use them a lot around the house when it gets a bit cooler.
• 3 pairs of jeans, I want one skinny, one boyfriend style and a pair of longer baggy short style jeans.
• 10 Basic tops, a mix of t-shirts, tanks and strappy tops in neutral shades such as black, grey, khaki and beige. I can't have white, I'm a slob and always stain everything.
•  6 pairs of shoes, one pair of basic black sneakers, a basic peep toe stiletto, basic everyday ballerina, a pair of running shoes, biker boot and a flashy heel to perk up a basic jeans look.
• 4 Scarves, I love scarves!!! They just make me happy and change an outfit with minimal effort.
• 4 Dresses, I want two wrap dresses (think DvF), a black structured cocktail dress and a maxi dress.
• 4 Cardigans, plain ones with no agenda. Simply to keep warm when I need it.
• 10 Customized t-shirts, I can't imagine a life without my favorite cut shirts.
• 2 Blazers, one black and a checkered one, probably brown or grey.
• 4 Shirts, one basic white cotton shirt, and the rest faux silk shirts for added texture and versatility in my wardrobe.
• 4 Skirts, One flowy maxi summer skirt, one pencil, a flowy evening skirt and a smart casual jeans maxi for evenings/cooler time of the year. I don't really do short skirts anymore, used to love them but prefer shorts now as my body insists on sitting with one foot on the chair...
• 4 pieces of lounge wear, probably sweat pants and a hoodie or something.
• 4 bags, (not including luggage) one daily cross body, a small evening clutch, a shopper and a messenger or backpack for my gadgets.
• Jewelry, Underwear and socks is where I can go nuts.

I really think a small wardrobe is freeing.
I'm really excited about achieving this. It also just allows me to spend more time on my make-up as clothing will be more basic and not competing with my face. All round wins with this project.

I'm trying my best to help myself minimize anxiety in my everyday life. I feel like this will help a lot. And let's be honest, we reach for about half of our wardrobe...