Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas wish list: Fashion Edition.

There's a ridiculous amount of things I want but I managed to narrow it down to what I believe to be a great wardrobe update kind of post.

I believe in buying quality over quantity and rather investment pieces than landfill fashion. I buy slow fashion or second hand nowadays as much as I can. Most of my wardrobe consists of pieces which I've had for +10 years.

Just wanted to put it out there as I know some of the things might seem steep... I indulge when it comes to fashion, I do lots of research and when I finally decide to purchase a special piece it's a real treat, and again, I rarely do, might happen once a year or every other year. I'm also really picky...

So let's get into it:

Let's start with my weakness, sequins. 😍

This beautiful sequined canvas tote by Ashish is my ultimate want item right now. I would rarely get a chance to use it where I'm currently living but I can see myself making excuses to use it.
Net-a-porter made me want it even more thanks to the styling of the model seeing as that's how I normally dress, minus stilettos on a day to day basis... But again, I'd probably throw on a pair for this bag.

Black Falabella Mini Shoulder Bag by Stella McCarthy.
A great staple in any wardrobe for both day and night.

Shoes! Both from Beyond Skin and perfect for everything.
I'm a baggy jeans and harem pant person so these are 👌

The Angela Coat in Umber by Vaute Couture.
Ah, how I miss the cold... Obviously something I won't buy while in in Zambia but it's my day dream item of the season.
This coat would have been perfect for winter!

The Angela Tie Print Shirt by Stella McCarthy.
I love menswear inspired clothing and I find this to be such a fun way to wear dressy but still be casual... Has tiny Westie doggies on it... 😍 So cute!

KowTow Building Block V Tee.
A must in every wardrobe is this type of shirts. They are so versatile, can go from casual to dressy by just putting on some bling and they're so comfy. Underwear is crucial with this type of clothing for it to look good. Any weird bumps or textures showing up because of bad underwear will ruin this.

Marian Denim by Kings of Indigo.
On my to-buy list right now. I recently discovered Kings of Indigo and I'm really liking everything... I have bought one of the Yetta skirts which will be arriving early December and I'm so excited!
These pants are the kinds of pants I'd use everywhere. My mom would hate them but I love the comfy, shapeless jeans! I can't resist them! They're so easy to wear no matter how your body is acting and can be super feminine by just adding a floral/silky shirt. I'd of course never wear it as styled in the pictures but that's just me. Add heels and it's me.

But that's it for now.
I think this post really represents my style.
I'm a very basic kind of clothing person but I love statement accessories. I will always go for comfort everywhere except for my shoes, I love my heels and will absolutely defy the Zambian landscape with them.

Next part in the Wish List series will be beauty tools coming late next week!

Have a lovely week and hope you've found some inspiration!