Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween round up.

What even happened month? Where did it go?!
I had quite a bad start with my concussion, the ridiculous heat wave kicking in and being generally drained. But I did manage to get a few looks together! Definitely going to make a plan next year because oh my gosh was there a bazillion competitions! All really fun and challenging. I did step out of my comfort zone which has helped me lots in my confidence in what I can achieve.

So this is what I got up to this month when I wasn't hugging the AC, bed or sofa.
Full product details can be found on my instagram page @cynthiaiskillikill and feel free to drop me any questions about the looks!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

CometComforts: Rocky Horror Deluxe box.

I'm so impressed!
Ladies, you're kicking all the butts!

The box note:

Click picture to open CometComforts in a new tab.

Click picture to open a new window with Notoriously Morbids shop.

This eyeshadow is so pretty! Pinky, brown lavender shade. 
It's so Janet. Shown here with and without primer. 

Plumping lip balm? Yes please! I have a slight lip balm addiction.
And this is a very welcome addition, it works and it does not mess around! I went in a bit too heavily the first time round... The tingle of doom! Haha! I love the smell and the label art.

Click picture to open an new tab with CometVomits shop.

Alright, I'm completely sold on CometVomit.
The polishes from this kickass babe are gorgeous, go on like a dream. My thumb nail is a bit bubbly because I applied the polish over lotion... Silly me!!! This polish (Rocky) is perfect! And my first ever golden toned nail polish. Making me step out of my comfort zone. Deluxe edition: The chunky glitter polish, also perfect! 10/10.

Click picture to open a new tab with Southern Comforts shop.

Oh, Southern Comforts. I can not begin to tell you guys how much I love everything I've ever gotten from this amazing soul.
Sweet transvestite is a sexy, sweet kick. I'm terrible at describing things so I'll leave it at that.
Deluxe Edition: Elbow sex is my favorite as it smells of cardamom.

Overall presentation was excellent.
And not only did this box contain all the lovely things seen above but it also contained a bag of props to follow this:

I'm saving this for Halloween.

Thank you once again ladies for making such a wonderful box of excitement and magic! I've already placed my order for the Alice in Wonderland box! Yay!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween: Steampunk glam.

This was definitely one of my top 5 prettiest looks I've ever done.
I'm so happy with it! Did not want to wash it off but had to as I was melting under the shirt, waist cincher (which I still don't know why I even wore as there was no chance of it showing up on the pictures) etc.

I'm going to try a new product details layout describing what on what part rather than just mashing it all together like I do on Instagram. Let me know if you prefer this new way.

Product details:
Face base:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer. Make-up Revolution stick concealer in Fair. Neve cosmetics eyeliner pencil in White. DHC Mineral powder in Sunkissed.
Blush and contour is EC Clockwork and Retrofit. Highlight Neve cosmetics Ghiaccio and Sugarpill Goldilux.
Neck brace:
Neve Cosmetics eyeliner in White to mark everything out, later blended out and black eyeliner for the edges topped with DHC mineral shadow in carbon to set it. Make-up Revolution concealer stick in Medium/Dark topped with DHC mineral shadow in Terra Firma. The lines were made with Sugarpill Goldilux and the darker shade is Espionage Cosmetics (EC) Barbara Lauwers shadow. I did use eyeshadow primer for the lines. Also, lines seem like a great idea until you start shaking and can't get them straight. This was the part which took the longest.
For the cogs I used Sugarpill Goldilux, EC Headshot and EC glitter BOOM!
EC kiss of death lip serum in Sugar with Sugarpill Goldilux in the center and along the outline.
Outline top with Neve cosmetics eyeliner in White.
Use black eyeliner along the top and bottom of the brows. Use an eyeliner brush to pull the liner into the brows to create the illusion of thicker hair growth. Top with EC Headshot and blend out the white liner.
Eyes: Eyeshadow primer. DHC mineral shadow in Carbon over my lids, EC Athena in the crease both blended together. Use what's left on the brush under the eyes. Blend a bit of EC Epic into it. Use a black liner and blend along the lower lashline. More primer. Topped with EC Barbara Lauwers. More primer on the center and topped with Sugarpill Goldilux.
Blend EC Athena from the crease to the brow bone. Apply EC Headshot from the brow line and blend tother with Athena. Add EC Clockwork along the brow line and top with Neve Cosmetics shadow Ghiaccio... And blend some more. Clockwork on the inner corners.
Go back to the lash line and press Carbon along the outer corners. Curl lashes and apply mascara. I'm still not too sure about the one I'm using... Will make a post about it eventually.
But that's it. 😂

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Halloween: Zombie glam.

This month has been so much fun!
(Apart from the whole concussion bit)

I've been doing my best to step out of my comfort zone and I'm having so much fun! Yesterday I made a look which I was very insecure about but I'm super happy with the results!
Some bits could of course have been a bit more polished such as dimensions and layers in general. For a zero planning look I did alright, definitely learned a few new things which I'm looking forward to work more on. But my gosh is there a bazillion and a half contests out there! So overwhelming and exciting!

Product details at the end including any discount codes valid this week!

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer, mineral eyeshadows in Carbon, Boysenberry, Ever Green and Pine Needles.
Concrete Minerals shadow in Risqué mixed with a bit of lash glue for dimensions and with Cold Blooded Killer serum for the lip drip.
Stargazer Pro foundation in Pearl mixed with DHC Pine Needles and EC Riveting.
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics loose highlighter in Dragon Mist.
Espionage Cosmetics (EC) Kiss of death lip serum in Cold Blooded Killer. Shadows Athena, Eridium, Wub-Wub and Riveting.
Glitter Kapow!

Espionage cosmetics cupon: Use NMACYNTHIA15 on orders over $25 for 15% off on your first purchase!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Halloween: Poison Ivy inspired lip art.

A couple of days ago I had the intention of doing a Poison Ivy look (can be seen on my instagram @cynthiaiskillikill) but due to the ridiculous time it took for me to figure out how I wanted to do things I scrapped the idea halfway and went with an elvish kind of thing so yesterday I wanted to do it better.

And here's the result:
Full product details and process at the end.

Product details:
As usual I used Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer for my base, which does an awesome job at keeping my skin moisturized under any make-up.
I mixed Stargazer cosmetics Pro Foundation in Pearl with the shadow Betrayal from Espionage Cosmetics (EC) for a shimmering, lightly green skin.
To set my face I mixed Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Setting powder with DHC mineral powder in Sunkissed and EC shadow Betrayal, all equal amounts.
For my dark lip I used EC Kiss of death lip serum in Fatality mixed with the shadow Vault Hunter.
I went in with a bit of DHC mineral eyeshadow in Carbon along the edges and then topped the centre of my lips with F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed shadow in Hydra's Wrath and added glitter from EC in Gorram. Finished with clear gloss.
Concrete Minerals shadow in Risqué for the hair topped with F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics shadow Blazing Unicorn.
Neve cosmetics eyeliner in White and shadow Ghiaccio for the flowers. Sugarpill Goldilux for the golden sparkle in the center of the white flowers. DHC mineral eyeshadows Pine Needles and Ever Green for the leafs. Carbon mixed with gloss for all the black lines.
EC in Betrayal under my lip, Wub-Wub in the center of the leafs and Mata Hair for Vines.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Halloween: Harley Quinn cyborg.

I went there.
I did eventually do the look I've been avoid (for no good reason) for a good while... I did my first Harley Quinn look, with a twist, a cyborg twist!

Product details at the end.

Product details:
For my face base I used Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp seed & Red raspberry primer. Covered my redness with DHC mineral concealer in Sunkissed and used mineral powder in Sunkissed to set my base.
All the black seen on my face is a mix of eye-shadow primer, DHC mineral eye shadow in Carbon and an old black eyeliner.
On my lids I used Espionage cosmetics (EC) shadow in Cosplayer topped with F.A.I.R. Beauty cosmetics shadow in Blazing Unicorn on my inner corners I have Ghiaccio by Neve Cosmetics which I also have down the bridge of my nose.
I used Kraken by F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics under my eyes.
My lips is Concrete Minerals shadow in Risqué, which is what I used along my contour as well. The dark lip gloss is made by mixing EC kiss of death lip serum in Cold Blooded Killer with the sdow Vault Hunter.
Also used EC shadow in The Engineer to add so dimension to my cyborg hand, it's the pretty lavender/blue sheen seen.
To tidy up the edges I used Neve Cosmetics eyeliner in White.
Finished the look by using the beautiful blue highlighter called Incubus Dreams by F.A.I.R Beauty cosmetics.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

First impression: Cometcomforts monthly box: Harry Potter.

Alright, it's time for yet another post where I talk about something which isn't available anymore...

Click picture to get to CometComforts!

I received my first CometComforts box early October. Keep in mind that the long delivery time for my box has nothing to do with the people who put together this box! I live in the middle of nowhere, takes more or less a month for me to get my deliveries.

This is a limited numbers limited edition monthly box, no subscription.
Put together in the US and can be shipped internationally (shipping was $14 to the UK).
The box was to my surprise very light (total 0.5 kg), very well padded and everything arrived in excellent condition. I will not be going into specifics about the shades or notes of fragrances as these aren't available.

Let's begin.

Here's the Comet Vomit nail polish! Yay, was so excited to try it!
It's the first one I try from this lovely lady and I was not disappointed, except for the disappointment of my eagerness and not doing the polish justice by applying it in the heat which caused a couple of bubbles. It was kind of a happy accident in retrospective, it was way less bubbles than most polishes so yay! First coat goes on very thin, the consistency of the polish is thick. You can easily cover the nails in two fast coats, I tried this on my less photogenic hand. Overall happy and it doesn't have a strong chemical smell to it being free from 5 which is a huge plus for me. (Don't remember what the five are right now but it's better for you!) It's "gloopy/rubbery?" but dries solid within the hour in my experience, even with a base coat. I'm wearing two coats of top coat in these pictures for longer wear and shinnyness! Click picture to get to Comet Vomits shop!

Southern Comforts fragrance oil. I can't say anything bad about this lovely indie brand. I will however mention that this fragrance was definitely not for everyone. In the roller it smells really intense but once applied to the skin it changes into a really pleasant fragrance. I've been using it before bed and I love it. But again, not for everyone.
I won't make an attempt to describe this fragrance as I'm useless at it. Allison is always making unique mixes and this fragrance definitely felt different and comforting. It's a weird one which I think was perfect for this box. Click picture to open a new tab with Southern Comforts shop.

This little baby balm had melted a little as it had been sitting in a hot office for a day, but it was a minimal amount which got out. I love Southern Comforts balms and wrote a post about them a couple of weeks ago, click on the picture to be redirected to it in a new tab. So excited to have this cutie, no special reason (it's cute!). Smells great (obviously) which makes me happy.

This bathbomb from MoonBabyShop was so fragrant!
I will have to get myself a couple of bits from this shop.
And how cute is the little surprise charm! It's now an earring. Fitted perfectly through my circular barbell! Click the picture to open a new tab with MoonBabyShops shop.

This box was such a pleasant experience.
I'm not normally a fan of themed boxes or subscription things as I don't usually use everything (samples) and I'm not big into things. When I say "things" I refer to items which aren't consumable or don't have a purpose. Maybe I'm just getting old.
I have already ordered a second CometComforts box which was the Rocky Horror themed box. Super excited! Already been creeping on #cometvomit. And the coming box will be Alice in Wonderland themed... Sneak peeks are all over CometComforts Instagram page. Let me know if you got the Harry Potter box! What did you think?

Friday, 7 October 2016

In my stash: My setting powder, the power of three.

The first ever make-up product I put on was in secret.
Unfortunately for me it wasn't a very discrete secret.
I was probably 10 when I put my moms bronzer on my face, all over my face to be exact.
Knowing nothing about make-up back then I didn't understand why it looked so different on me... As my friend frantically tried to wipe it all off of my face in the school yard before class.

Today I know better!

I have been through a lot of powders in my few make-up years mainly because it is nearly impossible for me to like them.
I only started using powder about 4 years ago. Prior to that I was very much into Korean beauty and the whole dewy skin and before that I only used foundation mixed with moisturizers as I tend to favor the no make-up feel.

So what I now do is that I mix a few that I like.
And as I dislike matte face I mix in some highlight powder.

I currently use the following:
Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Finishing Powder, 30g.
Ingredients: Rice powder, Kaolin clay and silica.
I absolutely bought this for the name, wasn't expecting it to be anything special at all. It isn't really anything special really when you look at the ingredients list but for me it's perfect.
It's a colorless powder but I don't personally know how it lookin deeper skin, sorry.
It can feel a bit grainy when you take it off and if applied with a heavy hand it will leave a white cast on your face, almost like dry shampoos can on hair. I have not tried baking with any of these so can't say how they preform in that department.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Mineral powder in Sunkissed, 15g.
Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, GMO-free corn starch, Sericite Mica, Raw Cacao powder (theobromine), Argiletz clays, Jojoba Esters and naturally extracted vitamin E.
This little pot became an instant favorite, photographs well without any weird residue showing up.
Not much to say.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Coconut highlight powder, 6g.
Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, Argiletz clays, natural vitamin E, organic apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and mica.
Out of all the cosmetics I own this little tin would probably be my favorite item. It's simply beautiful. Not too much, just a glow. I sometimes use it as my setting powder on it's own because I just love it.

These three powders is what I mix to get my setting powder.
They compliment each other so well and don't feel heavy or cakey. The mix will offer close to no coverage with a pretty glow which is what I'm personally always looking for.

You can find Dirty Hippie Cosmetics on Etsy and Shiro Cosmetics on their own page.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween: Dark Siren.

Ah, it's that time of year when the beauty world goes completely nuts and everyone and their mom will be turning into Harley at some point. 😂

Yesterday I was feeling a tad better (still recovering from a concussion) so I did a quick look as I've been itching to play with make-up but couldn't commit to any of the more elaborate looks I plan for this month.

Here's the look:

I didn't have a plan, just needed to feel a bit magical.
Product details at the end plus a discount code!

Product details:
On my face I'm wearing Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp & Red Raspberry primer.
On my primed eye lids and contour I used DHC mineral eye shadow in Carbon. Neve Cosmetics Ghiaccio for the white highlight. Over the black shadow I used F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed shadow in Hydra's Wrath. On the cheeks in turned into a red while on the lids it went magically green... So in love with this shadow! I used it mixed with a bit of Medusa's Make-up eyeliner seal to make it pop a bit more.
On the lips I'm wearing Espionage Cosmetics (EC) Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Soulless mixed with EC shadow in Vault Hunter.
The glitter on my face is also from EC, it's Oxidize.
And under my eyes I have the EC shadow Riveting.

And I have a code for Espionage Cosmetics!
Get 15% off on orders over $25, free domestic (US) shipping on orders over $50.
For Europeans, you can order EC products through unfortunately the coupon isn't valid here.
If you want to try them but feel like the selection is overwhelming let me know and I'll gladly help out! I have about 70% of their line and regularly adding to it as I love them!