Sunday, 9 October 2016

First impression: Cometcomforts monthly box: Harry Potter.

Alright, it's time for yet another post where I talk about something which isn't available anymore...

Click picture to get to CometComforts!

I received my first CometComforts box early October. Keep in mind that the long delivery time for my box has nothing to do with the people who put together this box! I live in the middle of nowhere, takes more or less a month for me to get my deliveries.

This is a limited numbers limited edition monthly box, no subscription.
Put together in the US and can be shipped internationally (shipping was $14 to the UK).
The box was to my surprise very light (total 0.5 kg), very well padded and everything arrived in excellent condition. I will not be going into specifics about the shades or notes of fragrances as these aren't available.

Let's begin.

Here's the Comet Vomit nail polish! Yay, was so excited to try it!
It's the first one I try from this lovely lady and I was not disappointed, except for the disappointment of my eagerness and not doing the polish justice by applying it in the heat which caused a couple of bubbles. It was kind of a happy accident in retrospective, it was way less bubbles than most polishes so yay! First coat goes on very thin, the consistency of the polish is thick. You can easily cover the nails in two fast coats, I tried this on my less photogenic hand. Overall happy and it doesn't have a strong chemical smell to it being free from 5 which is a huge plus for me. (Don't remember what the five are right now but it's better for you!) It's "gloopy/rubbery?" but dries solid within the hour in my experience, even with a base coat. I'm wearing two coats of top coat in these pictures for longer wear and shinnyness! Click picture to get to Comet Vomits shop!

Southern Comforts fragrance oil. I can't say anything bad about this lovely indie brand. I will however mention that this fragrance was definitely not for everyone. In the roller it smells really intense but once applied to the skin it changes into a really pleasant fragrance. I've been using it before bed and I love it. But again, not for everyone.
I won't make an attempt to describe this fragrance as I'm useless at it. Allison is always making unique mixes and this fragrance definitely felt different and comforting. It's a weird one which I think was perfect for this box. Click picture to open a new tab with Southern Comforts shop.

This little baby balm had melted a little as it had been sitting in a hot office for a day, but it was a minimal amount which got out. I love Southern Comforts balms and wrote a post about them a couple of weeks ago, click on the picture to be redirected to it in a new tab. So excited to have this cutie, no special reason (it's cute!). Smells great (obviously) which makes me happy.

This bathbomb from MoonBabyShop was so fragrant!
I will have to get myself a couple of bits from this shop.
And how cute is the little surprise charm! It's now an earring. Fitted perfectly through my circular barbell! Click the picture to open a new tab with MoonBabyShops shop.

This box was such a pleasant experience.
I'm not normally a fan of themed boxes or subscription things as I don't usually use everything (samples) and I'm not big into things. When I say "things" I refer to items which aren't consumable or don't have a purpose. Maybe I'm just getting old.
I have already ordered a second CometComforts box which was the Rocky Horror themed box. Super excited! Already been creeping on #cometvomit. And the coming box will be Alice in Wonderland themed... Sneak peeks are all over CometComforts Instagram page. Let me know if you got the Harry Potter box! What did you think?