Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Fashion: Met Gala 2018, Heavenly Bodies.

My heart!!!
Click picture to get to the official Met Museum post about the Heavenly Bodies exhibition. (Opens in new tab)

When this theme was announced I was so excited.
I'm not a religious person but I absolutely love Catholic and religious art. Growing up in an Atheist country I have learned to appreciate a lot of details rather than associate certain items with ritual and religion. I personally think it's important to be able to be objective in life and able to see things for what they are rather then the meaning behind them.

Because of this mentality I have always loved religious art and fashion (I don't know if fashion is the right word but for now we'll go with it) as it's always big, detailed, luxurious and basically extravagant which I've always seen as wrong or not really going hand in hand with religion... But that's a whole other blog post and life discussion...

But I do appreciate the creations themselves, the gold, the textures, the blood, the drama and atmospheric shadows.
As a lover of art, I adore all of it.

So with that introduction out of the way I'll share my favorite Met Gala looks. Ah, I bet they love when peasants like me criticize their super expensive looks... But hey, while I might not look like much in my everyday life I have a good sense of style.

I was really disappointed in general... But it was better than last years gala where it felt like no one wanted to go with the theme...

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Met Gala!

This was easily one of my favorite looks.
Hate the make-up!
Beautiful look which went well with the theme but nothing special.
Love the coat and hat but man, that bustier made her look bad. Would much rather have seen a slinky mini dress under that with a heavily beaded belt or waist cincher.

Perfect. To show the rest that it doesn't have to be extravagant to go with the theme and still nail it.

Another win in my eyes. Could definitely have been a large panel over the torso instead of showing skin but the cape makes up for it.

Man, this could have been the star. Those boots and that mini dress kills me.
I would have loved seeing the wings paired with a beautiful short satin asymmetric dress and a thin beaded golden cord around the waist. I think the boots would have worked with that even... But hate them with this. I absolutely get what they were going for but no.

Another that I absolutely loved.
I would however have loved it even more if the dress underneath had been golden or black. But that's just this peasants opinion.

When a single accessory saves the day!
I was so surprised about the lack of these belts!
They're stunning! And look at what it did for this plain dress!

Love. Perfect as is. 

So beautiful and perfect as is. Minus the damn bag.

So flattering!
Another example of accessories saving the day.

Love the dress, there was definitely room for improvement.
Hate the bag and belt/waist. It would have been nicer without that detail and I can't help imagining how gorgeous this would have looked with a dramatic cowl.

I hated Madonnas look last year, so very much.
This year I'm almost willing to look past it.
Love the hair, the accessories, the dress... 👌

These two rarely do anything wrong on the red carpet.
Another example of how to nail the theme without being extravagant or tacky.

A design I was hoping to see more of.

I love the dress and headpiece but I think she could have gone without the satin floof! Also not a fan of the shoes... 
I don't even know.
I just absolutely love this.


Might not be a popular opinion but my gosh, I love this so much.
Gothic windows is all that goes through my mind.

I can't but love Alexa.
The back of this was gorgeous and the details were so beautiful.