Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Fashion: Fashion Week RTW Fall 2018 Favorites.

This was the first Fashion Week ever to catch me by surprise, I completely forgot it was a thing and to be honest I don't even know what day it is as I write this... There wasn't much to catch my attention as I went through what had been shown and I think a lot has to do with my commitment to buying and wanting to waste less as well as being vegan.

I do want to point out that I'm aware of a lot of houses still use fur and leather among other animal materials, this is in no way me promoting that side of the industry. I'm just genuinely passionate about fashion. I love designs, I love the runways, I love textures, the innovations, the way it makes me feel and how it makes me tingle inside when seeing my favorite designers work super styled on the best models. To me fashion is like eating... It's feast to my senses. But again, cruelty and abuse belongs in the past, EVERYTHING, can now be made without cruelty and slave labor. Slow, ethical fashion IS the future and I'm very much looking forward to it being mainstream rather than the mindless numb consumption which dominates and drives the continued slave fashion trade... Always check your labels before buying...

The first fashion house to make my heart feel "want" was Max Mara during Milan Fashion Week. I could see myself wearing 90% of what was seen on the runway, which is incredibly unusual.
I loved the androgynous feel and I am a sucker for a high marked waist which was what dominated this collection.
I also want to point out diversity, I think it was one of the most beautiful runways simply because of the ethnic diversity and how some models even used head wraps/hijab. Major credit for inclusion which gave it all a much more modern feel and also probably why I ended up feeling like I could see myself in so much of the collection. I grew up following Fashion Week since before I knew how to read and I have never felt this way before and perhaps it's also because of my new found "even if I look like a sausage, I don't give a shit what people think" attitude.

In general, as you will see, I'm all about comfortable fashion.
I like things I can see myself wearing to lunch, dinner and for a night out with the right accessories. I love loose pants or tops, a bit of sparkle and lots of textures. A good core wardrobe with a few stand out pieces is what I'm currently working towards and the following runways had lots of things I absolutely want... One day... Below are some of my persona favorites, there wasn't many things to be honest. There was a few bits from some other fashion houses but nothing I'd consider practical or worth using more than a handful of times. But again, it's my new mentality of wasting less and only keeping things I will use playing a big part in my narrow selection.

Max Mara:



Alberta Ferretti: