Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Haul & Review: Baby Bat Beauty.

About a year ago I won a random giveaway hosted by Baby Bat Beauty. I received the whole liquid lipstick collection which back then consisted of 7 shades. Since then BBB has exploded!

After not really having a good excuse for ordering I gave in during one of the crazy sales she had around Black Friday. As per usual it took a while for my items to arrive to the other side of the world where I live.

My order:
A tiny mirror which I desperately needed as I don't use any type of compacts.
Two lip balms which I am yet to use as I only open new ones once I've finished one. Flavors: Marshmallow Delight and Piña Colada Paradise... Which gave me a few boozy flashbacks, definitely smells like the drink mix.
My first ever gel eyeliner!!! Shade Enchantress which is a black.
Four lipsticks in the shades top to bottom: Devious, Lawless, Unwrapped and Exposed.

Top to bottom: Devious, Lawless, Unwrapped and Exposed.

I was quite surprised when I received these, two of the shades (Lawless and Exposed) I got felt very thin and applied streaky. I do think I got two odd ones as I did get in touch with the company to ask if they had changed the formula and they haven't. They also haven't received any complaints prior to me messaging about this issue, I was offered to get them replaced but I honestly don't need it. I did buy Exposed purely for mixing with other lipsticks to make them lighter.
It is however a shame that the Lawless I got is such a difficult shade to work with but it seems to be a universally hard shade to make without being streaky. I have four other similar corals from various brands (liquid and in bullet) and they are all streaky/patchy... And before anyone comes for me, I know how to make lipstick work, alrighty? Mmmmkay!?!

Lawless is gorgeous, just have to apply it thinly, blott and apply a thin layer again as it does look a bit dry if applied to thick, as most liquid lipsticks do.

The stars were definitely Devious, which I have worn A LOT and Unwrapped, which is a my lips but better. I love these two. I don't wear Unwrapped nearly as much as I'd like to for the simple reason that it washes me out if I wear it on it's own, I need a full face of make-up to pull off this nude.
Devious on the other hand is one of those shades I slap on and instantly look and feel like I've put in way more effort than I actually have. For me it lifts my complexion and looks more purple than it does in this picture.

The eyeliner is pleasant, doesn't crust or flake which is a win in my book. Mine did arrive a bit dry but I simply scraped the top layer of and it was good to go. It is a bit of a gamble for me to order things during this time of the year when temperatures are high and things have to sit in warm offices, moved in warm trucks then to sit in yet another warm office for sorting... My lip balms did arrive melted, which wasn't unexpected, it was just not a good time of the year for me to order things which can change in warmer weather.

But that's it folks!
Also let me know if you have tried any nice opaque coral lipsticks! I'm too stubborn to let it slip.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review: Colovaria Palette by Espionage Cosmetics.

First things first, yes I'm an ambassador for this brand but I did buy this with my own money and these are my unfiltered opinions. Shop small and support good people!

There! 🙌

So I finally made it back into my regular make-up playing and it feels so good!
I have so much to catch up on and share guyz!

Today's post is obviously about one of the new palettes from Espionage Cosmetics, who last year discontinued their whole line of make-up and started their revamp!
As much as I was heartbroken to see the loose shadows go, many of which are my favorites, it was the perfect time for Jaimie, Glitter Jedi aka Boss aka the nerd make-up wiz, to bring out the new and fresh line.

I pre-ordered the Colovaria palette when it was announced and everything about it has been great.
Colours are great, not crazy pigmented which makes this palette a perfect everyday addition but easy to build up. As per usual you'll get the best payoff using primer.

Colovaria Palette, shades L2R: Alohamora, Obliviate, Ferum and Lacarnum Inflamari.
This palette is nice and small, easy to travel with and you can absolutely do looks just using this one on it's own (looks only using this can be found on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill). It's easy to blend and the only one with glitter is Obliviate, all others are shimmery metallics.
I'm always excited to see palettes which serve as an addition to a base collection, especially now as there is what feels like a vast ocean of nude, neutral and matte palettes.
I'd happily use this one paired with my KvD Shade + Light palette and be done, which is what I've basically done since I got this. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of, which won't be an issue for everyone, is the brush holding part. I feel like that's a thing of the past, I like the brush itself as it's perfect for these shadows but I feel it makes it clunky. The mirror in this palette is a glass mirror and it's great. The overall packaging is awesome, it has a wonderful nerdy outside and most importantly, which a lot of brands seem to miss, IT'S EASY TO CLEAN!!! I absolutely HATE the cardboard palettes, they just get so grubby and peel and just ugh... I have a handful of them but I avoid them as I prefer single shadows.

In direct sun.

In she shade.
Shadows swatched over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind Glitter Adhesive and outlined with Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Raven.

All in all great.
I'm also really looking forward to the coming additions from Espionage Cosmetics!!! Make sure to follow them on all social media for updates, sales and just awesome nerdy stuff.
Next they'll be coming out with single shadows cartridges!!!
They look just like GameBoy cartridges and I'm so in love!!!

Good stuff.

Take care and see you around!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

2018 Make-up Goals.

After a lot of consideration I've decided to keep my purchases for 2018 on a "Need" basis rather than "want".

In short I'll be able to do a lot more reviews of what's in my stash, will be decluttering more frequently based on what I don't reach for and actually finish products.

I'm currently working on my first declutter and have just finished rearranging my vanity so it feels less chaotic.

Every so often I plan on doing a " products of the X" where I'll swatch my favorite things and do a short review.

There are loads of things I want...
But I still have a few orders which are on their way to me from the holidays so it won't be all dead on the haul front.

As for skincare I will splurge this year, I love skincare and it's my daily pampering self care must!

Just wanted to share this little idea.
Still also transitioning into a vegan life.
I have so far only upgraded my products which is a pleasant surprise as I was a bit worried about having to sacrifice quality for ethics but that hasn't been the case as of yet.

And happy new year!