Thursday, 29 September 2016

Look: Hardcore highlight.

So... I got a bit carried away today.
No! I take it back! I was obviously helping the mothership find me, with the glow of destiny! (And so on) 😂

But yeah, finally got around to try the other highlighter from @fairbeautycosmetics I got at the beginning of the month.
My application wasn't perfect as I'm still getting used to the pigmentation of the highlighters. But looking forward to next time.

Full product details at the end as usual.

Product details :
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Hemp Seed and Red Raspberry hydrating primer.
Stargazer Pro Foundation in Pearl mixed with Jordana Cosmetics foundation in Natural and with some F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics loose highlighter in Incubus Dreams for the face base.
Espionage Cosmetics shadow in Retrofit for a light shadowy contour. EC shadow in Epic for a bit more definition of the contour and in the crease. Kiss of Death lip serum in Soulless.
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Carbon (all black seen).
DHC coconut highlight powder mixed with Incubus Dreams to set my face, which turned out to be a magical combination.
Neve Cosmetics pressed shadow in Ghiaccio on my high points.
And finally I went nuts with F.A I.R. Beauty Cosmetics Incubus Dreams and Dragon Mist.
Finished with Autograph Aqua Proof Mascara.