Monday, 23 January 2017

Look: Current everyday face, mini tutorial.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while but I get carried away doing my make-up and forget to take pictures of the changes... But today I remembered! Yay!
This is my 5 minute face and what I'll be seen wearing 90% of the time with some minor changes to my glow as I'm a highlighter junkie.

My current skincare routine can be found in the previous blog post.
Links to companies mentioned at the end.

The base:

My base: I always prep my face with Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed and Red Raspberry Primer and a lip balm of any sort which I wipe off just before applying any lipstick.

Glow: I don't like having a matte face... I start my make-up by using my fingers to dab on Kryolan highlighter in Cashmere all over my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose, above my brows, brow bone and Cupid's bow.

Finishing the glow: After the base highlighter I mix equal parts of DHC mineral powder in Sunkissed with DHC Coconut Highlighter Powder. I apply it with a small powder brush and once that's done I go in with a little more of the Coconut Highlighter with a highlighter brush on my cheek bones and under my brows.

Eyes: I have oily lids so I have to use a primer. Once primed I go in with Riveting from Espionage Cosmetics on a small fluffy brush, mainly applying it to my lash line and blending it up towards the socket. I use a eyeliner brush with some black eyeshadow, DHC mineral shadow in Carbon today, starting from the outer corners for a nice fade inwards. Once done I use whatever is left under my eyes as close as possible to the lash line. I use the same shadow for my brows, I always wipe the brush off before going in though as I only want to create a shadow, not define.

Lashes and more glow: I curl my lashes and apply waterproof mascara. Then I go in with more glow... On my cheeks I use Amalgam Scent Company's limited edition highlighter in Muchness. And finally went in with F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetic's Limited edition highlighter in Halloween Delight on my high points and inner corners.

The end: Finishing my face by dabbing on DHC mineral lipstick in Terra Firma on my lips.

Featured companies:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Espionage Cosmetics
Amalgam Scent Company
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics

All products featured have been bought with my own money.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Skincare routine 2017.

I just finished my first week of a skincare routine I aim to keep running through the year with minor adjustments depending on the season. My skin isn't really problematic in my opinion, I usually get pimples or cystic acne for a day or two during my period.

My goal for this year is to stop using foundation and really commit to taking care of my skin.
I have quite dark circles under my eyes and want to learn to colour correct and only spot conceal when needed.

So here's what I'm currently using:
Links to all featured companies will be listed at the end and feel free to drop me any questions.


Funky Soap
Liquorice Complexion Soap.
(UK based, worldwide shipping)

My start. I cleanse my skin twice with this moisturising solid soap using my hands.
One thing I do (but need to stop) is that I dry my face with one tissue sheet, I used to use a clean face cloth... Will buy new ones soon to stop this insane waste of paper... But what I'm getting at is that I keep evething clean. Anything my face gets in contact with has to be clean. I barely ever touch my face with my hands. If I do, they're clean.

Antioxidant Eye Serum.
(Australian, widely available online)

This little cream is potent, you can definitely feel it doing something to your skin.
It can be painful if applied on sensitive peeled skin, which I've learned the hard way...

Mellor & Russell
Multi action Eye & Skin Serum.
(UK brand, widely available)

Nothing special, just a cream I use for additional moisture which doesn't irritate my skin.
I always wear a barrier between my skin and sunscreen/BB cream as I have dry skin but I also feel like it comes off easier. I've gone through countless tubes of this serum.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Coconut Sunscreen.
(Australian, worldwide shipping)

A gem. Lasts forever.
It has however started to leave a white cast on my face now that it's close to being finished so I mix in a little mineral concealer as this will breakdown products which are water based. It's very shiny and needs to be set with a powder.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Primer.

I use this if I'm going to be using coverage. I don't use the Coconut Sunscreen if I'm going to put on make-up (BB cream, I always use some form of sunscreen during daytime).


Organic, cold pressed coconut oil aka The MVP.

I began using oils for removing make-up a little over 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since. I tend to use about half a teaspoon, let it melt in my palms, massage it all over my face, let sit for a minute and massage again. I then remove it with a tissue and go in with a deep cleansing make-up removing wipe. Afterwards I use a gentle oil based face soap, I'm currently using the Avocado face bar from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics in my evening routine.

Medieval Cleansing Grains.
(US, domestic shipping only)

I've been using these every couple of days, and a little goes a long way. I use approximately 1/3 of a teaspoon mixed with a bit of water and massage away gently, I remove it with a wet face cloth still massaging.
Skin feels great, I had a tiny bit of irritation during my period when my skin was very sensitive due to a bit more acne than usual so I wouldn't recommend using these when your skin is changing. But great otherwise! These sample bags last for a good while, I'm still trying to decide on which to buy in full size... Definitely worth trying.

Pixi Beauty
Glow Peel Pads
(UK/US, widely available)

Game changer.
I had been battling cystic acne during the middle of last year which had left my skin bumpy and damaged, loads of pigmentation scars and redness. These pads changed my skin so much in just one use. I now use them weekly or every other week, depends on if I have had irritating skin or not. An investment.

Pumpkin Facial Mask.
(US, Domestic shipping only)

This is my go-to moisture boost.
I use this mask at least once a week and as with many indie products, a little goes a long way. It needs more liquid than traditional clay masks, took a couple of uses to figure out the perfect consistency but worth it. Smells great as well!

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Sweet Rose, Blueberry Bliss and Calming Chamomile Mask.
(Australian, worldwide shipping)

These are the masks I use for targeting special problems.
Sweet Rose for extra hydration, Blueberry for the days my skin is crazy red and Calming Chamomile for the days I've been a bit to stressed and my skin has been exposed to too much (smells wonderful).

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Tea Tree Blemish Balm
(Australian, worldwide shipping)

This little tin is a skin wizard!
About a week ago when I had a really bad acne breakout I would clean my face, apply this all over (avoiding eyes and mouth of course), leave on for two hours and then cleanse and repeat. The following day my acne was 70% gone. Completely crazy. I had only been able to do spot treatments before so it was nice to see how effective this was.

Antioxidant Eye Serum
(Australian, widely available)

Again, a potent little cream which is surprisingly big. 30ml! Probably the first eye serum I feel does anything, which says a lot as I've been using eye care for the past 12 years... Feeling be good about this despite only being a week since I started using it.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Age defying moisturizer.
(Australian, worldwide shipping)

As you might know by now, I try to only use natural skincare. This little pot is such a treat for the skin. A little goes a long way, I always take too much... But my hands are enjoying the excess. Smells very fresh and natural. I love everything Dani does, DHC is definitely my favorite skincare brand.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Raw Face Feed
(Australian, worldwide shipping)

Another little treat.
This is a gorgeous oil. I mainly use this on my face during the dry season (winter) and on my neck and décolletage during the rest of the year. Absolutely love it.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Hemp Lip Balm.

Funky Soap
Aloe Vera & Rosemary Lip Balm.

Notoriously Morbid
Slumber Salve in Chocolate Pudding.

These three are my current night time lip treats that I alternate between. I always have a balm within arms reach. The Hemp balm is a bit of an everything balm, I use it on my skin/hands when they feel dry. All wonderful. Have a bunch more but I'm trying to be good and finish one before I open a new one.

Links to shops:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics
Funky Soap
Notoriously Morbid
Pixi Beauty

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Haul: Last shopping of 2016.

My final orders for 2016 FINALLY arrived...
These were all supposed to have been here for Christmas but due to some shit storm at JFK in conjunction with the madness of USPS they arrived today... Nothing to do with the companies.

So here's what I got myself!

My late Christmas gifts to myself! 

Click picture to visit Espionage Cosmetics!
Ugh! My heart! Haha... Such a drama queen... But I have so much love for these shadows. If your didn't know, all the make-up is being retired to make way for the new pressed shadows. (Go grab a bargain!!! Shadows are currently $5 each!!!)
What I got this time:
Nail wraps, of course, just look at them! Unicorn Blood is glittery and Redrum, do we need to say more? (Yes we do, they glow in the dark!) Got my favorite daily Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Venom and two shadows: Oxidize (glitter) and Retrofit (grey with golden shimmer). The first thing I ever bought from EC was the Neo-Victorian Collection. Been hooked since and was so excited when I got the opportunity to become a Nerd Make-up Ambassador. 😊 All good memories. My most recent posts are looks using the remaining stock of shadows, have a look if you're considering placing an order but do it soon! Stock is going fast!

Click picture to visit Notoriously Morbid!
A couple of months back I got to try a shadow from Notoriously Morbid which was a Limited edition one for the CometComforts Rocky Horror Picture Show box. Another month later I won a gift card from a raffle hosted by @samshineart. And add one more month and we had Black Friday! Yay! I went a bit nuts. I ordered all the vegan lip safe shadows I was confident I was going to use.

I got: Miniwashitu, Bigfoot, Alkali Lake Monster, Skunk Ape, Beast of Busco, Lockridge Monster, Nearly Headless Nick, Sleepy Sands, Fouke, Beast of Bladenboro and 18th Century Dandy. I'll be doing a swatch post during the coming week. 
Also got the Shadow Bind, Glitter Adhesive as I'm on a mission to find THE duochrome primer this year. And I got a GWP, a slumber salve, no idea what it is but will share my thoughts on that as well with the swatch post of doom.

Click picture to visit The Quixotic Eye! (Currently closed but back this month)
They're here!!! 
These candles are the reason I still have my Christmas tree up
(Shh, don't be like that, I'm an adult and I do as I want!)
I ordered the Holiday Candle Trio, I've already sniffed them far too much... Can't wait to light them! And they're huge! Also got the charity candle "Cancer sucks" because it does... 
Soaps, of course, I'm addicted. I got soaps in the fragrances Alice in Wonderland and Burning Love. 
Then these mad ladies threw in a Lip Balm in Fruit Cake and two perfume samples: Queen Bee and Violets Like Blue. Finally, Blood Moon Bubbling Bath Elixir which I had been asking about as I saw a picture of it a while back and I always need everything bath related in my life. Ladies, thank you, you rock. 💖

So all my addictions got fed today, fragrances in multiple forms, lip care, make-up, nail stuff and a sneaky bath elixir.
I'll be testing and swatching and doing all the things. As per usual I'll be posting random tests and thoughts on my Instagram story @cynthiaiskillikill. Also make sure to follow all these companies on social media for the latest updates! 
I'm off to play with my new toys now! Yay! 🙌

Monday, 9 January 2017

Look: Pop of colour part 3 of 3.

Final wearable look featuring some of the remaining shadows available on Espionage Cosmetics online store before they're gone FOREVER! For those who don't know, Espionage Cosmetics is retiring (all makeup is on sale) the current format of loose shadows and will shortly introduce pressed shadows. For more info and sneak peeks make sure to follow Espionage Cosmetics on any social media platform!

And my skin is way better today!
Product details at the end.

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Primer. Jordana oil-free foundation in Natural. Kryolan cream highlighter in Cashmere over the foundation for a dewy glow. DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Mrs.Reynolds as blush and contour. Amalgam Cosmetics for CometComforts Limited Edition pressed highlighter in Muchness. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Respawn on the highest points of the highlighter.

Lips: BloMeCosmetics lip lacquer in Starlet.

Eyes primed with Absolute New York eyeshadow primer.
1. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Mineral Powder in Sunkissed along the brow all the way to the inner corner.
2. DHC Bronzed Rose Powder under the eye, in the crease to the inner corner.
3. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Tokyo Rose all over the lid.
4. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Mrs.Reynolds on the inner corner.
5. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow Karei (only available as a Deep in the D&D area of the online store) to deepen the crease and blend it all together.
6. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Respawn in the inner corner and along the brow bone.

Eyes finished with NYX cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean for the liner topped with Carbon (matte black shadow) from DHC and Autograph for Mark's and Spencer Aqua Proof Mascara.

The looks I've done these three days are what I wear when I'm able to wear make-up... Unfortunately due to the tropical humidity where I live, it's far too seldom I get to play with makeup and leave the house with it. Hope you've enjoyed this short series!

Don't forget to have a look at the brands I've mentioned here.
I love all the products mentioned here and have used these long enough to know that they preform well.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Look: Pop of colour part 2 of 3.

Second day of my three part series using some of the remaining stock of discounted Espionage Cosmetics products! (Full details in previous post) Today's Pop of colour is Wub-Wub which is a bright matte yellow with a little gold shimmer in it.

So here's today's look featuring my sidekicks, the bumps:
Product details at the end.

Product details:
Face: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Primer. Jordana Oil-free foundation in Natural. DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed. DHC Bronzed Rose Powder for warming up my complexion and for a soft contour (went a tiny bit to hard on it today). Espionage Cosmetics shadow Guild Romance as blush and The Engineer for highlight topped with a bit of F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics Limited Edition Halloween Delight pressed highlighter.

Lips: IMAN Cosmetics Lip Shimmer in Muse.

Eyes primed with Absolute New York eyeshadow primer.
1. DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed along the brow into the inner corner.
2. DHC Bronzed Rose Powder as crease base and lightly applied under the eye.
3. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow The Engineer, inner corner and along the brow bone.
4. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Wub-Wub all over the lid.
5. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Pain & Pleasure blended from the crease to the center of the lid.
6. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Guild Romance packed on the crease and blended upwards the brow bone and down half the lid.
7. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Karei in the crease to deepen it and under the eye.

Finished with eyeliner, mascara and brows.
As liner I used NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean with a fine eyeliner brush, patted on some matte black shadow. I used DHC Carbon over the liner and on my brows.
For mascara I used Autograph by Mark's and Spencer Aqua Proof Mascara which I didn't like in the beginning but it's better as it dries.

Links to shops of the indie companies mentioned, will open in a new tab:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC)
Espionage Cosmetics

Hope you're having a great Sunday.
See you tomorrow and don't forget to check yesterday's post if you haven't already!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Look: Pop of colour part 1 of 3.

I'm starting a mini series today which will be running over three days where I will post some more wearable looks mainly using the remaining products in Espionage Cosmetics online shop.
If you didn't know, the current line is being retired and is now discounted to make space for the new line which will consist of pressed shadows. This is a great time to grab some bargains! I was sent a majority of the products last year as I became a part of the Nerd Make-up family. I have since added a few bits... And waiting for even more as I took advantage of the sales, had to!!!

Full product details at the end.
Side note: As mentioned before, I don't edit my pictures. What you see here is what the camera picks up. I'm currently having quite a few hormonal bumps on my face... Doesn't bother me really, it's just part of my life. ❤

Product details:
Face: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Primer. Jordana oil-free foundation in Natural. DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed. DHC Bronzed Rose Powder around my face to warm up my complexion and for a light contour of my cheek bones. Espionage Cosmetics Tokyo Rose loose eyeshadow as blush topped with Respawn and Mrs.Reynolds for highlighter.

Lips: Espionage Cosmetics Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Sugar.

Primed with Zodiac Killer Cosmetics (ZKC) Gravity Primer.
1. DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed, along brow down to the inner corner.
2. DHC Bronzed Rose Powder, under eye, upp the crease into the inner corner.
3. Espionage Cosmetics shadow in Respawn.
4. ZKC Starry Eyed loose shadow in Cancer, 1/3 of the outer lid and under the eye.
5. Espionage Cosmetics shadow Betrayal.
6. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Karei in the crease to soften the transition.
7. DHC loose shadow in Carbon along the lower lash line and on brows.
8. Espionage Cosmetics loose shadow in Mrs.Reynolds to soften the iridescence of Respawn.

Make sure to follow Espionage Cosmetics on whatever social media you use (they're everywhere!) to find out more about all the newness! They carry plenty of things. And all nerdy ❤

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

CometComforts: Nightmare Before Christmas Deluxe Box.

Yay! My December CometComforts box arrived two days before Christmas and I couldn't have been more excited! This months theme was Nightmare Before Christmas, I managed to get the deluxe box which was packed with cute things!

So here's a breakdown of the contents of the box followed by mini reviews.

Click picture to get to CometComforts.

CometVomit nail polishes were perfect! The green bottle has some subtle sparkles which were imposible to capture. The mini bottle contained red glitter, green Christmas trees, white snowflakes and black bats (deluxe box exclusive)! 
The polishes in action!
Click the picture to get to her shop.

I was so excited for these!!! These are wax melts from HorrorMelts. This was my first experience with melts and it was a very happy one, the house smells like peppermint candy canes. Looking forward to trying more melts in the future from this company. Click picture to get to shop.

I was a bit unlucky with this one from Mercury Gaze. My things travel far to get to me and this was supposed to be a bathbomb, unfortunately it arrived as a bag of powder. Still gave me a lovely fragranced bath of course.
Click picture to get to shop.

And finally, SoCo fragrance. I was quite surprised by this fragrance!
I was expecting sugary cakes, frosting, candy canes and amber.
But it was all fresh woodsy, green fragrances. I don't mind that one bit as I don't have that. Worm's Wood is an instant favorite.
Click picture to shop SoCo Fragrance.

So what a surprise! I was expecting a more traditional warm box but it turned out to be a very fresh, slightly sugary box!
Not sure where this box lands on the ranks... It might be my favorite due to how wearable/usable everything was. I'm not sure... I did also love the Harry Potter one... Hmm...
I don't know why I even started this. So far I've been able to feel the theme through every box and loved them all.
These ladies have done an amazing job at curating these boxes and also choosing themes. I didn't get the first one which was a mermaid themed one, the only box I really wasn't interested in at all. I felt similar about the Alice in Wonderland box but got sold on the tea... (Ha-h!) I'm close to finishing the polish which came in that box so... Yeah. A box of happy surprises which I'm looking forward to each month. The January box is going to be a charity box, for details follow @cometcomforts on Instagram.

I'll stop rambling now.
Happy new year!