Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Review: Bybi Beauty (part 2)

Part two of my Bybi Beauty review is all about the two newest additions to the line; Lip treats! Again, I love the simplistic packaging, no unnecessary crap, this is as straight forward as it gets. The tubes are even made of sugarcane and are biodegradable. Both tubes contain 10 ml and are vegan and cruelty free just like everything else from this brand. Super important to always make sure when you buy vegan products to make sure it's also cruelty free. There are brands jumping on the vegan branding who still test on animals... Just a heads up. *Cough* Caudalie *Cough* and a few more but I'll leave that for another post...


"Sugar and strawberry scrub to buff and restore cracked, dry lips. Agave and cinnamon nourish, for full, healthy lip."

First off, this is not a gritty "Lush style" lip scrub.
It's very gentle, it buffs. I have been using it for the last two weeks just before I do my whole skincare routine and it's more of a treat really. I use it morning and night and I'll say that I don't normally suffer from chapped lips so can't really report back on that bit. For me this is simply a step I take to prevent chapped lips. The smell of the product is amazing!!! It feels very luxurious and a little goes a long way... On the packaging it says to use a pea sized amount which to start with would only give you around 10 - 15 uses out of this... It's way too much product! I have full lips, not huge but not small and I use about half a grain of Basmati rice size of product (like how specific I am?). I leave it on for a minute or two after scrubbing, it's such a nice feeling and smelling product...
I'm on the fence if I'll buy this once I finish it... I want to say yes but will have to see. I think I might just really love the fragrance and the pampering feeling.


"Hydrating lip balm with enhancing peppermint and blood orange. Shea butter seals in moisture for perfectly plumped pouts."

A new favorite.
This, again, isn't an aggressive product. You won't look like you've been sucking your lips in a bottle. It just evens the texture of your lips in a very pleasant fresh way (feels very similar to the Pixi Lip Plumping Glosses). Looks like a gloss and as with the previous product, a little goes a long way. I keep this on my desk and it has become the balm I reach for... I keep a balm in every corner of the house and I find myself walking from one end of the house to the other to get this, which says a lot as I'm lazy... It's nothing crazy but it feels nice, has the perfect slip without melting over your face. I like to consider myself a bit of a lip balm connoisseur as I use a ridiculous amount (another reason perhaps to why I don't get chapped lips). I do see a good lip balm as a good investment and I will without a doubt spend well over what might be considered reasonable for a good one. Anyhow, I like this one, a lot. We'll leave it at that before I go off on the deep end on this lip balm rant that could have been.

The nozzle! Nothing crazy but does the job and is easy to keep clean.

That's it for now peeps.
I'm so happy Bybi Beauty was hosting this little contest.
Keep your eyes peeled for the continuation of my reviews of these products, I always announce them on my Instagram stories or on my timeline. It will however be about two more weeks for the next installment as I'm only going to start using the next two products tomorrow and I want to get a proper feel before praising or bashing them.