Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Haul: Black Friday loot pt.1.

I was not prepared.

This was the first Black Friday I felt like I had a decent amount of money to "invest" as I'm still working on getting my beauty stash to the standard I was used to before the sudden move abroad over a year ago.

I still haven't received everything as I mainly ordered from indie companies who have a long processing time.

But here's some of the things I bought:

Been dying to get good brushes for quite a while, I wasn't supposed to get any as I wanted to wait because I had already spent over my budget by the time I saw these... But you can't argue with 40% off and free shipping plus a supportive partner telling you that you should.

I got the following brushes:
S140 Highlight Stylist.
P370 Stylist Lip Brush.
D225 The Depositor Brush.
D240 Fusion Brush.
P375 Stylist Eyeliner Brush (3 pack).
P365 Stylist Designer Brush.

My order from Zodiac Killer Cosmetics to get a few of my favorite items as they were having 20% off. Their prices are really reasonable to begin with and I needed primer (always trying to justify my shopping).

I bought:
Two Gravity primers.
Aphrodite Galaxy Glitter.
Liquid lipstick samples in Mercury, Mars and Venus.
StarryEyed Zodiac Shadow in Cancer.
And got a full size Uranus lipstick as GWP! Yay!

SoCoFragrance was having a sale... 3 for $33. Not that she needs to have a sale for me to buy stuff, I'm hooked, total fragrance junkie thanks to her. I love everything, absolutely everything this woman makes.
But I've encountered a problem... The Hamilton balms are so pretty!!! I can't break the seals... I don't know what to do!!!

I got the following:
From the Hamilton collection:
Helpless and Three Fundamental Truths.
From the winter collection: Abuela's Holiday Kitchen.
From SoCo Carnival Fabulon:
The Tattooed Woman and The Fortune Teller.
And finally from the regular line:
Coat of Many Colors.

Well. That's it for now.
I'll be posting reviews of things once I feel confident that I've given them a good go. There's a SoCo Fragrance balm review already somewhere on the blog and a swatch post of the Zodiac Killer Cosmetics lipsticks.