Saturday, 2 June 2018

BuJu Life: June.

I still don't quite understand where this year has gone, we're half way through!!! How even?!

One of the things I've been very grateful for this year is figuring out bullet journaling. It has helped me manage my anxiety and has been a fun project to play with for an hour or so in the morning/evening which helps me relax and put things into perspective.

I have finally figured out a spread that works for me!
After lots of trial and error I've managed to narrow down my months to a few pages with the essentials.

Main Spread:
Left: I tried the whole artsy one (even two) page art work but it never really resonated with my needs. I now keep my "title" to half a page from my notepad. Under the title I have my important dates and below that my workout trackers. Took me quite a while to figure this one out as I want to do lots but my body/mind doesn't always let me. So to keep myself from feeling more pressure and then feel bad about missing out I chose to do two activities a week to push myself a bit physically as it helps me clear my mind.

Right: My goals column and media plan. My media plan has turned into a fun page, last month I challenged myself to figure out recording short videos. Took me all month to figure it out to get to a presentable level, I have far to go but I mainly use this page to dive into new things, to keep myself from getting stuck in a rut which is so easy on social media...

Second spread:
Left: Expenses... Not the most fun page but probably one I shouldn't be without. I have a little "Spending Priorities" Post it with the things I want to get for myself or need and also a little "Coming Expenses" to make sure I have a clear idea of what's ahead and what I need to save for.

Right: My body tracker. This has been a very interesting page for me to have. I started this last month and I really enjoy it. I write down how I feel mentally and physically, keeping it short and focusing on what's been good.

Third Spread:
My daily planning/goals/to do. I don't do more than one day at a time. I can't. It stresses me out and makes me not want to use my bullet journal... I have a little note with daily tasks. These daily tasks might seem very straight forward but I have a lot of days when I don't even want to get out the bed... So in an effort to keep myself feeling human I have started this little daily task list. I've only been doing it for two weeks but it has helped. I make sure I look presentable and this keeps me from getting back into bed halfway through the day.

I really like how my spreads are turning out.
It does take time to narrow down the trackers, doodles, calendar etc as you only know what you want once you've tried it. This is only my third month bullet journaling and I already hate the start of my planner! Things will probably change more as I get more used to dedicating time to doing this.