Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lifestyle Update: I've gone vegan!

So it finally happened.
Last night me and the husband were watching What The Health and we decided to go vegan.
Simple as that.

So what will change from now is that I will be transitioning to vegan beauty.
Transitioning being an important word here.
I will continue to use my cruelty free items (I'm not going to throw things away) which contain Carmine and Beeswax but I will from now on be adding a little star next to the items which aren't vegan or are... Haven't decided yet! But will be mentioning it on whatever I post, which order it is. Again, I'm still figuring things out and going to be doing some soul searching for a while. I'll be doing random updates here and on Instagram stories.

I'm quite excited for this change.
Might seem silly but it really feels like a weight has been lifted of me, there has been a lot of battles with people who haven't chosen to educate themselves about why being vegan is good.
It has been to the point of where I just don't go out.

It's exhausting defending something you know is good for yourself and the planet. Some people are too comfortable arguing against it because they don't know better. But I have also seen good things, I'm currently helping a guy transition into less meat which makes me so happy. So there are those who want to change but might not know where to start.

So yeah, vegan!
If anyone wants to transition with me, let's do it!
Feel free to share recommendations with me on Instagram (@cynthiaiskillikill).

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Haul & Review: Violet Rose Studio Lipsticks.

My order from Violet Rose Studio:

Left to Right: Peach Cocktail, Champagne and True Romance.

Peach Cocktail: A thick gloss, I did struggle a little with this one as it wanted to bunch up when wearing more than a thin coat. It's however worth the extra work one has to put in for an even application. This is a gorgeous shade with lots of fine gold glitter which makes it a tiny bit gritty but pretty. In my experience best applied in two thin coats with a long haired lip brush (still looks great with just one thin coat and is comfortable). I'm wearing two coats in the picture.

Champagne: A gorgeous, very opaque metallic which was sent as a freebie with my order. It looks beautiful over anything, I've mainly been using it over a dark mauve and wine coloured liners. It's versatile and did I mention that it's gorgeous? Cause it is and comfortable as well so an all round win in my book.

True Romance: This is a shade I've been after for a while! I had a similar lipstick once upon a time. So happy Marshana carries this shade! It's a liquid lipstick which does dry down matte when applied thin, you don't need much product and less is more as it can look streaky in different lighting. Super comfortable, does transfer a bit, easy to reapply or even fix with a dab of lip balm.

All cosmetics by Violet Rose Studio are handmade, cruelty free and vegan. Always keep in mind that there might be minor "flaws" with products which are handmade, separation being the most common thing to occur which is easy to fix by regularly mixing and using the product, so don't be a hoarder!! Use it! The make-up I've tried so far have all been oil based and have had some leakage in transit, luckily it hasn't been bad and I haven't lost a lot of product but thought I would share that. This is a difficult thing to avoid when making oils and liquid based products no matter the packaging.

Other than that, I haven't had any irritation caused by it and nothing smells funky.
Violet Rose Studio also carries a bunch of chokers, glosses, highlighters and is always growing and being tweaked. The page is fairly new and you will probably find it easiest to navigate through the products tab rather than specific categories for now while it's expanding.

To shop:
Instagram: @violetrosestudio

Not sponsored content, this was bought by me.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Skincare Disappointments: Round 1.

It has been a while since I've come across something I've been disappointed with.
This week I managed to try two things I hate.

First item:
African Extracts Rooibos - Triple Action Serum.

This is supposed to be the premium selection within this brand.

This serum reeks of alcohol, feels drying and almost evaporated from my hands before I managed to spread it out over my face! I tried this for a little longer than a week and learned to work fast. The strong alcohol smell did however make me stop using it. It just didn't make me feel comfortable using it after making an effort getting rid of alcohol in my skincare many years ago. I was aware of this product containing alcohol beforehand but wanted to see what it was about but I learned my lesson and will go back to proper skincare.
I'll finish this as a hand and foot serum before applying moisturizer.

A real bummer as I do like the cheaper night cream and the face cleansing bar... Not mind blowing stuff but good basics.

Second item:
Juice Beauty - Nutrient Moisturizer

I'm so happy I never bought the full size of this!!!
I've been eyeing this moisturizer for a while because of good reviews, I love the concept of the brand and how they present themselves but man, this was not for me.
I received a sample with a recent order.
My skincare routine is currently: cleanse, tone, eye cream, serum, moisturizer and finishing with oil.

This moisturizer does not agree with extra help.
I was massaging it into my skin as I normally do with my moisturizer when it started to peel a bit.
I thought i would leave it for about 10 minutes in hopes of it being absorbed into my skin before I applied my oil.
Nope, it did not get absorbed, the oil peeled it all off which has never happened before with any other moisturizer.
I don't overwork my face and have used this oil for over a year now (on my third bottle) with around 6 other moisturizers under it without problems.

That's it for now.
I'll hopefully not be sharing any more disappointments in the near future...

*pictures are not mine, they're from the brands pages.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Haul: My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.

I finally did it!

I've been following My Pretty Zombie (MPZ) for what feels like FOREVER!!! Has taken me so damn long to place an order due to me being so indecisive... The vast selection doesn't make it easier.

But enough about that, here's what I got:

Click picture to go to MPZ's page.
- SNAP Cats pin, because I had to... This was actually the reason I finally got some stuff... Nothing like a charity pin to suck me in.
- 1 full size shadow in the shade Varicose, which is GORGEOUS! I've already used a few of the items from this order.
- 2 samples of Dr.Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust, Green & Pink.
- 3 sample eyeshadows in the shades Static, Garnish and C'mon doll boy, dance. (I mainly got samples as I had not tried anything from thins company before)

In addition to my order I was sent a few more samples and cute stuff like the Kittie seen in the picture, yay! 🙌🎉👏
(You wouldn't know I have a dog from the ridiculous amounts of cat items I have....)

So yeah, that's it for now!
I will be doing some comparison swatches on finishes, similar shades and performance once I've had a chance to use everything. Time has just been vanishing the past months and I'm currently getting back into the swing of things.

Life and blog update to follow in the coming month as I try to set a scheduled for content and don't worry, I'm not pregnant, sick or anything bad, I'm just finding balance in life. 😊

Make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram (@cynthiaiskillikill) as I'll be posting looks using these products in the coming weeks as well as loads of other new goodies I'm trying out.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Catching up with life! Done!

Oh hello there!

I know I've been inactive lately and I've just needed a couple of weeks to catch up on a lot of life I missed during my recovery.
I will resume my make-up shenanigans starting Monday!


I've missed it so much!!!
But had lots of less fun things to deal with such as cleaning, home improvements, paperwork and everything else that comes with not being able to move for a while.

So just wanted to share that.

See you soon!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New IG Account: Fashion. Buy less, make it last.

I finally decided to make a fashion account on Instagram.
It will follow my ethical fashion transition as I'm going to be doing a wardrobe detox and only keep items I will actually look good in and feel comfortable in at all times.

The goal being a core wardrobe with practical accessories.
I will from now on only buy vintage/second hand, eco friendly and when I get tired of something take it to a tailor for suggestions on what to do with it or donate.

I'm so excited about this!

Over the past 10 years I've gone from 3 double wardrobes of clothes and a wall of shoes (I had a problem, pretty sure it was more) to a wardrobe that now fits in one suitcase. Moving a lot has put my consuming ways into perspective and I don't feel the urge to buy new things every week.
It's a very freeing feeling.

Follow my new account @cikstyles.
I don't have any pictures yet as I unfortunately am stuck in bed due to some post operation problems which had to be taken care of yesterday, I'm fine but very tender.

Hope to see you around!

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Haul/Review: Lethal Cosmetics.

Lethal Cosmetics:

What we are all about

Lethal Cosmetics is an independent, PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand from Berlin, Germany. We formulate, produce and distribute professional-quality color cosmetics for an alternative audience of ethical makeup-addicts. Founded in 2016, our initial product offering includes our signature CHIMERA™ long-lasting liquid lipsticks in six deviant metallic and matte shades as well as our lineup of ultra-pigmented pressed eyeshadows. Our products are available in the EU, UK and Switzerland through and soon in other countries via our own- and our partner stores.
US shipping coming August.
*taken from their site.
Been wanting to try this brand for a while and their new matte collection really spoke to me.
 The whole order came very well packed, everything arrived safely even though my parcel went from Germany to Sussex and then to me here in Livingstone, Zambia. It came in a well sized box which I really appreciate as I have to pay for my parcels based on weight.

Shadows left to right:
Remedy, Release, Remission and Relapse.
The one down side about the packaging is the shadows.
I broke/cracked two of my shadows (Remedy and Remission) pulling them off the glue blob they are attached to. After the second shadow I got a hang of it and realized that twisting them off is the best way... I do wish the glue wasn't part of the packaging.

As for the performance of the shadows:
I highly recommend using eyeshadow primer for these and soft brushes. They're all very powdery and preform best patted on to the eye rather then swept on.

To my surprise I love Remission as a shadow and blush, it stays on very well and is easy to build up no matter the base you're using. I wasn't impressed by the swatches and didn't care for it at all until I tried it.

Remedy is a very pigmented shadow, looks beautiful on.
Great as liner which has been my favorite way of using it this week.

Release is the weakest in the bunch but is great for a soft smokey eye and as a liner. It's buildable not really patchy, it's just faint.

Relapse is the star of this collection.
I absolutely LOVE this shade.
It's not the most pigmented shadow but it's so beautiful.
This whole collection is such a good set to spice up your daily looks. I've been using these to add a pop of colour in conjunction with my Kat Con D Shade + Light Eye Palette.

Chimera Liquid Lipstick in Unforgiven.
I love this shade.
It is really different on me, dries down completely to a powder feel which doesn't feel too dry or like your lips are going to crack.

Using all my new goodies, full details will be up on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill

All round happy with my first order.
I'm always happy to see vegan companies who make less traditional colours. I really hope their success continues and that I don't break more of their pretty things! 😂