Wednesday, 19 April 2017

In My Stash: Highlighters (some of them)

So as I can't do much with make-up right now due to a cold I have been going through my stash and just doing some tidying up and cleaning.

And today I wanted to swatch some of my highlighters.
Some of these are shadows and some are also discontinued/limited editions, sorry.

Swatched in natural daylight indoors and in the sun, half primed and done with my fingers. I did go in a bit intense on a few of these but they've all been worn as highlighters and look lovely blended out properly.
Primer used: Absolute New York Eyeshadow Primer.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Haul: Trying some new basics.

I've been in desperate need for a new deodorant since my husband started using my natural aluminum free one from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, which lasted me for 8 whole months (big tin).
I didn't order it again as I'm curious to see what's out there, I love my previous one and will absolutely repurchase it at a later time but for now I'm looking around as the selection of aluminium free deodorants has increased, finally.

My pits have been free from baddies for 3-4 years.
I always struggled with in grown hairs, itchy and dry pits.
Then I began my clean beauty journey and dove into the not so impressive selection of "good deodorants".

Long story short: my pits have been happy since I switched to natural/aluminum and alcohol free pit products.

Now you know a bit more about my pits than you thought you would at the start of this ey? Not sorry, if I can help one poor itchy soul then my work is done.

Haul time!

Let's do the pit stuff first.
I got Green People Natural Deodorant in the scent Aloe Vera and Jason Unscented Naturally Fresh for Men... I got a bunch for the husband as he's a bit picky and this one I'll probably keep to myself as it was the only unscented deo in the online store and I hate the idea of my pits smelling more than my perfume.

My previous mascara is turning 6 months so I had to get a new one. I really liked my previous one (Autograph Aqua Proof by Mark's and Spencer) but now that Stila has been acquired by a new parent company and is officially cruelty free I just had to try at least one product this order. I've always been a fan of the simplicity in beauty that Stila has promoted, for years! I remember seeing this brand for the first time in my early teens watching the E! Channel and they were showing the then amazing click lip glosses! I'm happy to see a company going cruelty free... The opposite is far too common...

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara.

And finally my Pixi Glow kit!
I mainly ordered this for the Glow Booster as I was running low on a glowy base. I'm however really happy with this kit. It will definitely be used daily and I like the size of the products. It's just the right amount of each thing. I hate when kits have too much and too little... I'm picky about kits. This one hit my Goldilocks spot.

The Hello Glow Kit by Pixi.

Love this type of applicators!!! For me it absolutely has to be this type or the brush tip... I'm hopeless with any other applicators... Absolutely hopeless.
Swatches, forgot the Glow Booster primer...

That's all for now.
Make sure to follow me on Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill as I'll no doubt be using these goodies be soon.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Haul & first impressions: ColourPop and F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics.

They're here!

It has taken me quite a while to take the leap into the world of ColourPop. I feel like they've had some nice things but never really anything which made me feel the need to order, I still feel a bit like that but my curiosity got the better of me and then there's @alicesbeautymadness who finally made me do it.
I got myself the Lo-Key collection/palette and the Lippie To Go kit in Hot To Trot.
I will not be swatching the Lippie To Go kit as I'm lazy, the honest truth.

All shadows are swatched over Zodiac Killer Cosmetics Gravity Primer.

My first impression is that these are good.
I did swatch these with my finger over primed skin and I feel like they preformed well. I'm overall happy with what I got but I don't think I'll be getting any more shadows from ColourPop simply because I get overwhelmed by the selection and it's all quite similar. I'm planing to get the Kat Von D shade + Light palette (and the Pastel Goth) and can't see myself needing more neutrals beyond that. I will however get a few mattes from Devinah Cosmetics as her recent collection looks amazing.

I do love the Lippie sticks!
So I might get a few of those and some liners once I've worked my way through the ones I got. They feel surprisingly good and the colour selection in the Hot to Trot set was great!

But moving on to some magical shimmer!
I'm a long time fan of F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics, every shadow I have from her is great. Primer is a must for the intensity seen below. So here's what I got this time round:

A suggestion when using these pressed shadows is to only dab with the brush into the pan, never swirl. They're delicate and can crumble/kick up. They are just beautiful.
She also snuck in a glitter for me which I'm so very excited about!!!
Been eyeing this one for ages but as I had gold glitters I decided not to.
But it's really different from my other ones! It's finer than Espionage cosmetics glitters but bigger than Sugarpill Goldilux. And it has some holo specks.
Thank you Kim! 💖

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Preview: Espionage Cosmetics pressed shadows!

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I was sent a few of the new pressed shadows Espionage Cosmetics will be launching soon and I'm so excited to be sharing looks in the coming weeks using them!

Today I'll be sharing the first look featuring a few of the retired loose shadows and one lip serum.

Here's the look:

Product details:

On my face I used Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Primer for a hydrated base. I used foundation which I don't normally do but I have a few pumps left of it and thought I would use it instead of wasting it. I used Jordana Cosmetics Oil-Free Foundation in Natural. For my blush I used a mix of Espionage Cosmetics loose shadows Mrs.Reynolds and Tokyo Rose and added a soft touch of Karei for a subtle contour under my cheek bones. The nice glowy highlighter used on my cheek bones, brow bone, nose and Cupid's bow is one of the new pressed shadows, LoS, which is a beautiful white sheen.

On my lips I'm wearing Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Venom mixed with Tokyo Rose and Mrs.Reynolds.

Eye guide:

I prepped my eye using my favorite eyeshadow primer, Gravity Primer by Zodiac Killer Cosmetics.
1. Using Mrs.Reynolds with a fluffy eyeshadow brush I went from the brow bone down to my eyelids for a soft rosy sheen.
2. With a slightly smaller fluffy brush I applied Karei in the crease blending towards the inner corner.
3. Highlight time using LoS with a smaller and easier to control brush along the brow bone and packing it on in the inner corner.
4. Under the eye and on the inner 1/3 of the lid I blended LoS and XP, intensely blended with a dash of Riveting.
5. Using a dense shadow brush I applied XP on the lower part of my inner corner and also on the outer 2/3 of my lid blending back and forth to snag some of the magic of the unnamed...
6. With a wet eyeliner brush (or any detailing brush) I applied my new favorite EC shadow as an eyeliner, it's called DPS and is the perfect substitute for Eridium and Vault Hunter, which were two of my favorites of the retired shadows. I've almost finished both so I'm very happy about this new purple awesomeness.

If you want more looks at what's to come from Espionage Cosmetics make sure to sign up for notifications 👉 Here!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Empties Jan + Feb.

I thought that I would start doing empties! I was tidying up and realized I had been putting back quite a few items or stopped using things which only had one use left.
I love watching/reading them myself but I will also include items I'm not impressed with as they'll be going into the bin as well...

By:  Twisted Wonderland Perfumery.
What is it: A body sugar scrub sample.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: This was a sample, I don't use scrubs as I have tools I use in the bath. This was however not bad, really dense and not too scratchy. Great smell as well.

By: Moon Baby Shop, Etsy Shop.
What is it: Medieval Cleansing grains sample, a gentle face scrub.
Will I repurchase: Yes.
Why: I really liked this to my surprise. I wasn't expecting much but it has been a pleasant skin treat.

By: The Quixotic Eye, Etsy shop.
What is it: Alice in Wonderland Vegan Rose Soap.
Will I repurchase: Probably.
Why: I really liked the fragrance! I did hate the fact that it's so pretty... It kept me from using it for a while, which I know is silly...

By: The Quixotic Eye, Etsy shop.
What is it: Holiday Candle Trio.
Will I repurchase: Yes! Next Christmas.
Why: These were a lovely holiday treat. Strong scent while burning and good burn time.

By: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics, Etsy shop.
What is it: Mineral face powder.
Will I repurchase: Yes.
Why: This little powder is just a great finisher, doesn't feel grainy, doesn't have weird flashback.

By: Moon Baby Shop, Etsy shop.
What is it: A bath soak.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: I really liked the fragrance of this but it's no longer available.

By: Moon Baby Shop, Etsy Shop.
What is it: A Bath Soak.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: No longer available... This was one of my favorite bath products, the only downside was the glitter. I'm not a big fan of sparkly baths, leaves my life sparkling!

By: Funky Soap London, Etsy Shop.
What is it: A Lip Balm.
Will I repurchase: Yes.
Why: I love how hydrating this is. The Aloe Vera and Rosemary blend is amazing!

By: Pure, Drugstore brand.
What is it: Make-up Remover Wipes.
Will I repurchase: Yes.
Why: It's the cheapest, cruelty free option right now in my local supermarket. I really only use them after removing makeup with coconut oil to get any remaining product off.

By: CometComforts, monthly box.
What is it: Clover and Cinnamon Lip Balm.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: I received this item as part of CometComforts limited edition Rocky Horror box so as much as I would love another I can't get one.

By: Zodiac Killer Cosmetics, Etsy Shop.
What is it: Metallic Liquid lipstick sample, shades Mars, Venus and Mercury.
Will I repurchase: Yes.
Why: I love these! They wear well, not drying and they are kiss proof. The colours are beautiful. I had already tossed the other sample containers. Side note: These do dry out quickly in this packaging but I personally didn't mind as I used them up quite fast.

By: Southern Comforts, SoCo Fragrance.
What is it: A Fragrance Balm in Miss Leonie's Lift.
Will I repurchase: Yes, already have.
Why: I have always loved fresh fragrances, the barely there kind. This one is subtle but gorgeous! It's lemon scented but doesn't smell like toilet cleaner which is an immediate win in my world.

By: BloMe Cosmetics.
What is it: Lip Lacquer in Wicked.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: Disclaimer, I won this in a raffle.
I was disappointed by this, I won two lacquers and this one was no where near as nice as the other shade, Starlet. Need far too much product for full coverage.

By: IMAN Cosmetics.
What is it: Lipsticks, shades Rebel, Baby Doll, Iman Nude, Hipster, Diva and Drama Queen. (Left in the palette)
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: Disclaimer, I won these in a raffle. The colours unfortunately don't preform well. They apply streaky and there's just too much work which has to be done for them to look nice on the lips which is such a shame as I really love three of the shades: Baby Doll, Rebel and Hipster.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mini review & Look: Feline Fancy collection by Sugarpill.

It finally arrived!!!
I will share my thoughts and a look I did, so if you're into that, keep reading.

Also, excuse the shift in light. Weather has been terrible here and the sun is being a major pain. It just came out but I'm not going to take new pictures. I'm not happy with you sun!

The collection consists of one Oxblood shimmery/metallic liquid lipstick and a four pan palette. The palette has three foiled shadows and one matte.

The packaging is sturdy and feels great for a cardboard palette. Each shadow is 1.45g/0.05 oz and the lipstick is 5.4 ml/0.18 oz.
Artwork by the talented Brandi Milne.

I decided to swatch these shadows with a brush on bare skin using one of the brushes I used for the look I made using this palette. Brush: Cozzette D225.

Swatches on dry skin in low natural light. I didn't really have the light to do awesome swatches but there are thousands of better ones on the internet.

The liquid lipstick wand.
So here are my thoughts.
While I have quite a few similar shadows in my collection which would swatch a lot better I feel like I personally needed this collection. I like the colour payoff, not patchy at all, it's perfect for layering and creating dimensions. It's easy to build over primer and I really wouldn't recommend using it without anyhow. I heard a few complaints about kick up in the pans, I've not experienced that myself. They all look beautiful and for a more intense look you can use a sealing/setting liquid.

To me this is a solid palette, collection even.
The only negative thing I have to say, which might just be a personal preference, is that the lipstick wand isn't great.
I've been using this lipstick since I got it and I love the shade but if I use the wand it takes a really long time to dry, actually hasn't dried ever as I only used the wand once... It was tacky on my lips for a good hour until I wiped it off and reapplied it with a lip brush.
In my experience the best way to apply it is by rolling the wand on the back of your clean hand and use a lip brush to apply two thin coats on your lips. I let each coat dry and I use the Cozzette P370 to apply it.

And here's a few selfies.
Full product details on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Look: Wearable Valentine's look.

I wanted to do a look I would personally wear out for a Valentine's date. A look which isn't your average "Instagram" look which is only made to look good in studio lights with skin filters etc. A real look. Something I would not be scared of walking in the rain with, a look I can wipe off my sweat moustache if I wanted to in... Because let's face it, life isn't that glamorous in this part of the world, it's always warm or raining. So here is the look:

A soft smokey look which looks good in every light.

I primed my face with the Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer. Dabbed on a bit of mineral concealer in Sunkissed where needed, which is usually under my eyes, along my jawline, nose and cheeks. Finished with Mineral powder in Sunkissed all over. All from Dirty Hippie Cosmetics.

As for shadows I used the following today over primed lids of course.
Swatches of today's shadows, no primer used here. They are much nicer over primer obviously but it slipped my mind.

1. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Mineral powder in Sunkissed from the inner corner, blending downwards from the brow to the crease all the way to the end of my brow.
2. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Bronzed Rose Powder in the crease and under my eye.
3. Espionage Cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Mrs.Reynolds on the center of my lid.
4. Shiro Cosmetics A Radical Same Who Likes To Play Games around the previous shadow and blended outwards. Also using whatever is left on the brush under the eye.
5. Notoriously Morbid loose shadow in Nearly Headless Nick in the center close to the lash line and inner corner.
6. Notoriously Morbid pressed highlighter in Diluted Heart along the brow bone, only using the lightest shade from the pan.

Diluted Heart pressed highlighter from Notoriously Morbid. I actually won this baby and it's impossible to capture the beauty of this. It is what I wore all over as my contour, on my cheeks and cheek bones. Pretty awesome dimensions.
The finishing touches: IMAN Cosmetics lip shimmer in Muse, F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics limited edition pressed shadow in The Ghoul (matte black) and NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean which I use on my brows with a slim eye liner brush.

Links to featured companies, no affiliate links:
Notoriously Morbid
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Just launched their new line!
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics
Espionage Cosmetics  Use code NMACYNTHIA15 for 15% off your first purchase over $25. (Just a discount code, I don't get anything)
NYX Cosmetics
IMAN Cosmetics  (I can only recommend the lip shimmers)
Shiro Cosmetics