Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review: Colovaria Palette by Espionage Cosmetics.

First things first, yes I'm an ambassador for this brand but I did buy this with my own money and these are my unfiltered opinions. Shop small and support good people!

There! 🙌

So I finally made it back into my regular make-up playing and it feels so good!
I have so much to catch up on and share guyz!

Today's post is obviously about one of the new palettes from Espionage Cosmetics, who last year discontinued their whole line of make-up and started their revamp!
As much as I was heartbroken to see the loose shadows go, many of which are my favorites, it was the perfect time for Jaimie, Glitter Jedi aka Boss aka the nerd make-up wiz, to bring out the new and fresh line.

I pre-ordered the Colovaria palette when it was announced and everything about it has been great.
Colours are great, not crazy pigmented which makes this palette a perfect everyday addition but easy to build up. As per usual you'll get the best payoff using primer.

Colovaria Palette, shades L2R: Alohamora, Obliviate, Ferum and Lacarnum Inflamari.
This palette is nice and small, easy to travel with and you can absolutely do looks just using this one on it's own (looks only using this can be found on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill). It's easy to blend and the only one with glitter is Obliviate, all others are shimmery metallics.
I'm always excited to see palettes which serve as an addition to a base collection, especially now as there is what feels like a vast ocean of nude, neutral and matte palettes.
I'd happily use this one paired with my KvD Shade + Light palette and be done, which is what I've basically done since I got this. The only thing that I'm not a big fan of, which won't be an issue for everyone, is the brush holding part. I feel like that's a thing of the past, I like the brush itself as it's perfect for these shadows but I feel it makes it clunky. The mirror in this palette is a glass mirror and it's great. The overall packaging is awesome, it has a wonderful nerdy outside and most importantly, which a lot of brands seem to miss, IT'S EASY TO CLEAN!!! I absolutely HATE the cardboard palettes, they just get so grubby and peel and just ugh... I have a handful of them but I avoid them as I prefer single shadows.

In direct sun.

In she shade.
Shadows swatched over Notoriously Morbid Shadow Bind Glitter Adhesive and outlined with Baby Bat Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Raven.

All in all great.
I'm also really looking forward to the coming additions from Espionage Cosmetics!!! Make sure to follow them on all social media for updates, sales and just awesome nerdy stuff.
Next they'll be coming out with single shadows cartridges!!!
They look just like GameBoy cartridges and I'm so in love!!!

Good stuff.

Take care and see you around!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

2018 Make-up Goals.

After a lot of consideration I've decided to keep my purchases for 2018 on a "Need" basis rather than "want".

In short I'll be able to do a lot more reviews of what's in my stash, will be decluttering more frequently based on what I don't reach for and actually finish products.

I'm currently working on my first declutter and have just finished rearranging my vanity so it feels less chaotic.

Every so often I plan on doing a " products of the X" where I'll swatch my favorite things and do a short review.

There are loads of things I want...
But I still have a few orders which are on their way to me from the holidays so it won't be all dead on the haul front.

As for skincare I will splurge this year, I love skincare and it's my daily pampering self care must!

Just wanted to share this little idea.
Still also transitioning into a vegan life.
I have so far only upgraded my products which is a pleasant surprise as I was a bit worried about having to sacrifice quality for ethics but that hasn't been the case as of yet.

And happy new year!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Empties Autumn 2017.

These have been sitting on my vanity for far too long!
Been meaning to do an empties for a while. I accidentally threw away my last batch when I got into a cleaning frenzy...

By:  Pixi Beauty
What is it: Glycolic Exfoliating Pads.
Will I repurchase: Yes, already have.
Why: This have been my skin savior. In the beginning I used it once a month and slowly worked my skin into better shape. I now use it weekly and has made a huge difference in my skin, all for the better of course.

By:  Twisted Wonderland Perfumery.
What is it: Lip Balms.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: It's not vegan. I bought these before I decided to become vegan. They're lovely, great fragrances and lovely texture and I'd recommend them to anyone who's looking for a good balm.

By: Southern Comforts Fragrance.
What is it: Two Body Balms and a Body Lotion.
Will I repurchase: No to the lotion. Yes to the balms, already have.
Why: The lotion was beautifully scented but my skin is far too dry to benefit from it. The balms have become my addiction. I have half a drawer of them already...

By: Salt of The Earth.
What is it: Spray Natural Unscented Deodorant.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: I have better ones.
By: Neve Cosmetics.
What is it: Cream to Powder Concealer.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: This didn't work for me. I tried different bases, ways of setting it and it just made my pores look huge. Unflattering and difficult to work with, looked cakey.

By: Zodiac Killer Cosmetics.
What is it: Liquid Lipsticks.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: I did use these quite a lot as eyeliners and enjoyed doing so but they didn't set completely matte. Very pretty but not the most practical for long wear in the heat.

By: Stila Cosmetics.
What is it: Waterproof Mascara.
Will I repurchase: Maybe.
Why: This is one of my top 3 formulas, love the brush and it keeps my lashes curled through the day. I'm  of sure I will get it again any time soon as I'm still testing a lot of new ones...

By: NYX Cosmetics.
What is it: Eye Crayons/bases.
Will I repurchase: No.

Why: Not a fan of the formula. It feels to greasy, it creases as a base and I'd rather pay a bit more for a cream/liquid concealer to mix with a pigment than use these. I don't get the hype, is it because of the price? I used the white one a bit more as it was a decent base for my shenanigans.. But no. I won these and I'm kinda happy I didn't spend the money myself...

By: African Extracts.
What is it: Triple Action Serum
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: This is garbage. Reeks of alcohol, dries the skin (fucking genius!) and you have to work super fast with it (due to the high alcohol content). I tried to make it work, I eventually used it as a base for my hand and foot cream... But the freaking container broke!!! Just over this crap. Has definitely turned me off drugstore skincare...

By: Absolute New York.
What is it: Eyeshadow Primer.
Will I repurchase: No.
Why: I loved this primer while I was using it but I'm moving towards new stuff. We had a good run. Never had any issues with it, never creased or faded my shadow.

Ah, now I can finally get rid of all these empty things!!!
Gives me a bit of anxiety seeing them... I hate clutter...
I have a fear of becoming a hoarder. 😂

Next post will be the final part of my Christmas Wish list: Beauty Gadgets!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Christmas wish list: Fashion Edition.

There's a ridiculous amount of things I want but I managed to narrow it down to what I believe to be a great wardrobe update kind of post.

I believe in buying quality over quantity and rather investment pieces than landfill fashion. I buy slow fashion or second hand nowadays as much as I can. Most of my wardrobe consists of pieces which I've had for +10 years.

Just wanted to put it out there as I know some of the things might seem steep... I indulge when it comes to fashion, I do lots of research and when I finally decide to purchase a special piece it's a real treat, and again, I rarely do, might happen once a year or every other year. I'm also really picky...

So let's get into it:

Let's start with my weakness, sequins. 😍

This beautiful sequined canvas tote by Ashish is my ultimate want item right now. I would rarely get a chance to use it where I'm currently living but I can see myself making excuses to use it.
Net-a-porter made me want it even more thanks to the styling of the model seeing as that's how I normally dress, minus stilettos on a day to day basis... But again, I'd probably throw on a pair for this bag.

Black Falabella Mini Shoulder Bag by Stella McCarthy.
A great staple in any wardrobe for both day and night.

Shoes! Both from Beyond Skin and perfect for everything.
I'm a baggy jeans and harem pant person so these are 👌

The Angela Coat in Umber by Vaute Couture.
Ah, how I miss the cold... Obviously something I won't buy while in in Zambia but it's my day dream item of the season.
This coat would have been perfect for winter!

The Angela Tie Print Shirt by Stella McCarthy.
I love menswear inspired clothing and I find this to be such a fun way to wear dressy but still be casual... Has tiny Westie doggies on it... 😍 So cute!

KowTow Building Block V Tee.
A must in every wardrobe is this type of shirts. They are so versatile, can go from casual to dressy by just putting on some bling and they're so comfy. Underwear is crucial with this type of clothing for it to look good. Any weird bumps or textures showing up because of bad underwear will ruin this.

Marian Denim by Kings of Indigo.
On my to-buy list right now. I recently discovered Kings of Indigo and I'm really liking everything... I have bought one of the Yetta skirts which will be arriving early December and I'm so excited!
These pants are the kinds of pants I'd use everywhere. My mom would hate them but I love the comfy, shapeless jeans! I can't resist them! They're so easy to wear no matter how your body is acting and can be super feminine by just adding a floral/silky shirt. I'd of course never wear it as styled in the pictures but that's just me. Add heels and it's me.

But that's it for now.
I think this post really represents my style.
I'm a very basic kind of clothing person but I love statement accessories. I will always go for comfort everywhere except for my shoes, I love my heels and will absolutely defy the Zambian landscape with them.

Next part in the Wish List series will be beauty tools coming late next week!

Have a lovely week and hope you've found some inspiration!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Christmas wish list: Beauty edition.

Thought I'd share a few bits I personally really want for Christmas to perhaps give you some inspiration if you're a bit lost and overwhelmed by the vast ocean of products out on the market right now.

Let's start with an odd one:

Hair caring, no kink, strong hold – invisibobble® ORIGINAL’s unique spiral shape makes it possible! That’s why the invisibobble® hair tie is the perfect companion for every occasion!

I basically live in a ponytail and keep doing so because of the horrible crease regular hair ties create in the hair. There's no way I will style my hair over between washes, I'm not the kind of person who deals with hairstyling. But I saw my yoga instructor wearing this and when she took it off her hair was so nice! Sorcery I yelled! (No I didn't but wish I had now...).

I have ordered the Christmas cracker from this company so I'll keep you posted on how things go, I'm so excited!

About Trinny and her Stack:
For the last 20 years I have worked with women all over the world. They have shared with me their fears, frustrations, and joys about trying to look their best. I help them find the most flattering styles, the best skincare, and the most hard-working, perfectly matched, foolproof makeup ❤ After 3 years of experimenting, planning, developing and re-developing fabulous formulas, and state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint which makeup truly suits you, I am so proud to launch the ultimate easy, modern, do-it-everywhere, premium makeup brand: TRINNY LONDON.

I grew up watching Trinny on TV and have always loved her sense of beauty, she's gorgeous and always looks stunning but never over the top, she's always perfectly natural but done and tidy. I have been looking at these pots since they launched, trying to decide and be reasonable... I want it all! Unfortunately it's not all Vegan but what is vegan is clearly marked under the products which I really appreciate. A beautiful line for a quick daily face meant to be used with your fingers.
Totally sold on this and will absolutely get a few bits in the new year as I've been bad and spent way too much this month... 

About the brand:

Lethal Cosmetics is an independent, PETA-certified vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand from Berlin, Germany. We formulate, produce and distribute professional-quality color cosmetics for an alternative audience of ethical makeup-addicts.

Until this year I have never been a fan of lip products, then something happened and I'm freaking loving lip liners and lipsticks! I have built a decent collection in no time and I have fallen for Lethal Cosmetics formula. It can be drying but I have figured it out and I only have one shade for now but will absolutely expand as soon as I can order everything else... There won't be any holding back! 

A product which doesn't need an introduction.

I just ordered my first bottle and I'm so excited!!! I've been working through a list of beauty products I've wanted to try and it's finally this gems turn. I have zero doubts, I believe all the praise and I went a bit nuts and ordered a few other bits from Pixi which I will share as soon as I receive my delivery in a week or two... 

I want all the wraps.
Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I'm a #nerdmakeupambassador for Espionage Cosmetics so this shouldn't come as a surprise.
I frakin love this company and have a love hate relationship with the nail wraps simply because they're amazing but it breaks my heart using them... I just can't be reasonable with my feelings for these. I have so many left and want so many more and they keep making me squee with everything they come out with... It's a problem, not really but kind off... 
(I'm in denial. Shhh... Let me live!)

So yeah, have a browse, there's a direct link on my main page here on the blog, which yes, is an affiliated link but all earnings are going to more wraps... Not even kidding. That's all I ever want from them. They do take a bit of fiddling to get on properly but will stay on well over a week with a good top coat and the best part is that they don't chip! Oh, and there's two brand spanking new eyeshadow palettes as well... Which again, I'm going to do a review on, still catching up on life over here after mine and the husbands surgeries. 😰

Again, a brand that doesn't need an introduction.
I was supposed to buy these...
Then The Harvey Nichols GWP happened and I went a bit nuts over on their site...
But these three products are the ones I've been eyeing and really want to try. I'm still on the fence about the toner which is cult to the skincare crowds. I don't quite know why... Perhaps it's the price... Not that these are incredibly cheap. I do spend most of my money on skincare because it's always a good investment so next time... I'm coming for these. But will see about the toner... Need more convincing.

Southern Comforts Fragrances

I can not begin to tell you guys how much I love everything Allison makes... I don't quite think she understands how much her beautiful creations has helped me with my anxiety, stress and constant tension. I will be making a list of my personal favorites as I own close to the whole line as I just can't stop myself when there's a sale or a new fragrance comes out... I have unfortunately had to hold back this Fall release which breaks my heart but I highly recommend trying her fragrances if you're into sweet and soothing things. She makes all sorts of things, lotions, hair oils, body balms, roll on fragrance and whipped body scrubs plus more. They are a wonderful bedtime treat. Anyhow... I can go on about these products forever but I'll leave it at that. ❤

I will be making a fashion wishlist later this month and add a second part to this list later as well.

Let me know what you're wishing for this Christmas!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Look: Current go-to face (October 2017)

Things have changed (a bit)!

I've been trying loads of new things and found a few gems I reach for daily.

So this is my current everyday look:

I don't make too much of a fuss as I frankly don't have time and I live in a warm and humid country so it doesn't last very long anyhow unless it's an evening look.

Products used:

Essence Cosmetics Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara, Colour Correcting Liquid Concealers in Yellow (under eyes) and Pink (highlighting points base).
Neve Cosmetics Eyeliner in White on my waterline.
Colourpopcosmetics Lippie Stix in Cookie for a slightly paler nude lip than my natural colour as lip base.
Lethal Cosmetics Chimera Liquid lipstick in Unforgiven outlining the lips (added after I finished my picture video on Instagram).
Kat Von D Shade+Light Eye Palette for brows, contour, eyes and for setting my under eyes.
Lubov Cosmetics Highlighter in I Want Candy as blush (dark pink shade) and inner corner highlight (light pink shade).
Pixi Beauty Beauty Blush Duo in Peach Honey as blush and highlight base.
F.A.I.R Beauty Cosmetics Pressed Shadow in Witch's Brew on lids.

For more pictures check Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lifestyle Update: I've gone vegan!

So it finally happened.
Last night me and the husband were watching What The Health and we decided to go vegan.
Simple as that.

So what will change from now is that I will be transitioning to vegan beauty.
Transitioning being an important word here.
I will continue to use my cruelty free items (I'm not going to throw things away) which contain Carmine and Beeswax but I will from now on be adding a little star next to the items which aren't vegan or are... Haven't decided yet! But will be mentioning it on whatever I post, which order it is. Again, I'm still figuring things out and going to be doing some soul searching for a while. I'll be doing random updates here and on Instagram stories.

I'm quite excited for this change.
Might seem silly but it really feels like a weight has been lifted of me, there has been a lot of battles with people who haven't chosen to educate themselves about why being vegan is good.
It has been to the point of where I just don't go out.

It's exhausting defending something you know is good for yourself and the planet. Some people are too comfortable arguing against it because they don't know better. But I have also seen good things, I'm currently helping a guy transition into less meat which makes me so happy. So there are those who want to change but might not know where to start.

So yeah, vegan!
If anyone wants to transition with me, let's do it!
Feel free to share recommendations with me on Instagram (@cynthiaiskillikill).