Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Haul & mini review: Ve_Cosmetics.

It's been a while since I received my most recent order from Ve Cosmetics. I had a bit of a panic as I was running low on eyeliner so thought I'd take the opportunity to get a few extra bits while I was at it.

My order this time round consisted of a mystery lipstick, Pocket Rocket liner, Feline Good liner, two Witchcraft liquid concealers which have become my favorite formula, a concealer palette and one of the new Majick brow pens. I got two little bonuses in my order as well which I was excited for, a pocket mirror (can never have too many) and a pale shadow which I'll probably be using to set my under eyes.

So while I loved all the things I ordered there was a few issues.
The lipstick (Twin Star) is very drying and applies patchy, it was quite a challenge to get an opaque lip with this one so I will stick to using this it as a liner or mixed with gloss as a bright tint. I have two other lipsticks from this brand and they are really nice so it might just be this one or the shade in general. 

As for the Majick brow pen I struggled with the usual thing one does struggle with when dealing with felt tip liners, it dries out way too fast for my liking. I really love the shade, there's no lack of pigmentation, absolutely smudge and waterproof once it dries down and the tip itself does a great job doing hair stroke like lines. Easy to fix with a drop of water and a bit of patience, patience which I unfortunately don't have for everyday use. 

Not what I expected but I'm also not upset about it. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Review: The Mandela Effect Eyeshadow Palette by The Collective Cosmetics.

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a review of this palette as I didn't buy it. I always feel a bit awkward about that situation and even more as I've been a fan of Beautanica for a really long time, who happens to be one of the owners.

But then, I just said f*ck it!
I almost exclusively use indie make-up now as I find mainstream/commercial make-up incredibly boring! While indies can jump on trends over night, the big guys take months because of their vast distribution.

But enough about that, bet you didn't click your way here to hear me rant about the "big brands" and all that jazz I can rant about for actual days...

This is what it looks like inside.
There's a lot I like about this palette without going into the actual shadows themselves.
It's a sturdy package, it survived without any damage, shadows traveled safely and there was no loose pigment at all in it when it arrived to me here in Zambia. There was even a protective sheet over the shadows which I greatly appreciate as it keeps the mirror clean. The mirror, its an actual mirror which I use when I use this palette. That's a really rare thing. And bonus points for having the name shades both on under the shadows and on the back of the palette. The Collective Cosmetics is a cruelty free and vegan brand.

The Shadows:
As always I've swatched these using primers.
I used Notoriously Morbid's Glitter Adhesive for the shimmers and Darling Girl Cosmetics Primped & Primed balm primer for the mattes which is how I use shadows.
I want to see what's on the pan on my eyes, I'm not the kind that likes a "soft" wash of colour, if I wear make-up, you'll know!

Worth noting:
All the shadows from this brand are handmade so they might not always look the same/be identical. I don't know if Tune and Screaming in my palette was a fluke or not as I've seen nice payoff on others but mine are very hard and softer pigmented than the rest. I don't mind soft pigmentation personally as it's great for building shadows rather then having to blend pigment away and making a mess... Been there way too many times. But I wanted to share that as it might just be my palette.

 Memories: Stunning shimmer. This is probably the shadow I was most surprised by as I didn't have any expectations.
Bright: This is perfection. I've used it as highlighter, topper and on it's own, always looks amazing.
Whispering: Glitter adhesive is a must or you'll miss the whole point of this shadow!
 Tune: Beautiful orange. Easy to work with even though it's very hard pressed in my palette.
2010: Beautiful gold, can't go wrong with this one.
Screaming: Beautiful red, a true red that doesn't blend pink. Again, mine was a bit hard but totally fine for building.
Clone: Duo-chrome red base with green shift. Pretty but probably the only shade I don't care for. 
Coup De Etat: Another star in this palette. Beautiful and easy to work with.
Quiet: A matte black. Very pigmented but can get patchy depending on your base but overall one of the better black shadows I've used.

Overall a beautiful palette.
The only disappointment was Clone but that's mainly because I have quite a collection of this type of shadows which I'm happy with. In would absolutely have wanted a satin pink or aubergine shade in its place. The shimmers preform well, no problems at all with any of the shadows if used over the appropriate kind of primer. I must confess that I have not used these shadows without primer but I just don't do that as my lids are oily and everything vanishes within the hour if I don't prime.

Favorites are definitely Bright, Memories and Tune, even with a hard texture pan it's a nice shade for my collection that I didn't have. I've used it a few times and while it is a softer pigmented shadow it delivers.

That will conclude this review.
Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from this new indie brand! I'm really curious to hear about your experience with Tune and Screaming as well as knowing what single pans you'd recommend!

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Friday, 17 August 2018

Haul & Review: I Am Sin.

I finally placed an order from I Am Sin.
I Am Sin is owned by Masuimi Max, one of the first pin-ups/alternative/fetish models I ever followed on social media. She's been a big inspiration of mine for years, I could write an essay about my gratitude for her but I'm going to stop myself and spare you all.

Review at the bottom but make sure to read the picture captions.

Vegan and Cruelty Free.

The shades I got. Each lipstick is 5.7 g/0.2 oz.
Comparison: SugarPill Liquid Lipsticks: 5.4 ml/0.18 oz,
Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks: 3.2 g/0.11 oz,
Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks: 6.6 ml/0.22 oz.


Applicator, it's a stiff doe foot with minimal fluff.
This is actually how I prefer my applicators for direct application, it gets the right amount of product for a full lip application (for my medium sized lips). I've not needed to use a brush with these which have automatically made them staples in my purse.

Left to Right: Lady, Boss and Bite.

Left to Right: Lady, Boss and Bite.

The review:

So fangirling apart, these are probably my favorite lipsticks to date. The formula is like nothing I've tried before. It doesn't feel like it dries down but it doesn't transfer, it's the weirdest thing! By far the most comfortable transfer proof lipstick I've worn to the point that I get surprised walking past a mirror and seeing myself wearing lipstick! They're really long lasting and I've tested them hard. They do not stain while drinking but do wear off with grease as they all do. Doesn't get horrible when touching up (cracking and dry) but I'd recommend using your finger for a touch up as it applies thinner and you can just dab on where you need without caking it on the old application (I do this for all my liquid lipsticks). They apply beautifully, I ALWAYS prep my lips with a gentle scrub and a plumping balm as a mask for a few minutes before wiping it off for a lipstick. I also blot away excess and these wear beautifully as a stain or faded edges Korean style.

I'd highly recommend these to fellow liquid lipstick lover.
But prep is crucial as is with all liquid lipsticks in my opinion.
Lady is the shade I've worn most followed by Boss and lastly Bite which is gorgeous but I'm not quite as exciting... The most I go out is for grocery shopping soooo.... Yeah.

I'm excited to see the line continue to grow and there are some gorgeous blushes I have in mind for a future order...

Let me know in the comments if you've tried anything from I Am Sin and what you recommend!

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Haul: Another F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics order.

Ah, nothing like a fresh batch of GORGEOUSNESS!!!

I'm now an affiliate use code: CYNTHIA at the checkout for 10% your order. Click picture to get to F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetic's shop.

I've been a fan of F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics from the beginning and she recently celebrated 3 years! Yay! During this anniversary celebration there was of course a little limited edition shadow released... I know, I know, I just finished a post about quitting limited editions. But this was a GWP!

I placed an order to also catch up a bit on all the new shadows that have come to be since I ordered last, quite some time ago...

These are the gems I ordered this time round as well as a The Walking Dead (because gore) make-up pouch because handbag organisation is essential for avoiding "hand in the bag rummaging".

Keep your eyes on my Instagram feed (@cynthiaiskillikill) as I'll y using the shadows over the coming week in various looks.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Haul & review: Essence Cosmetics.

Early last month the husband had to go to South Africa for work, which I of course took advantage of and sent him on a Drugstore mission. His first attempt was a failure as I asked him to get me some bright nail polishes... He returned with a royal blue, dusty rose and a nude begie/brown... (I asked him to keep the last one) So back he went and returned the other ones as he now had a specific list of items to get me rather than me assuming he pays attention to what I use... Silly me!

I asked for a setting spray, banana powder, clear brow mascara and the polishes seen in the picture.

There's only two cruelty free brands in drugstores as far as I know in South Africa, Physicians Formula and Essence Cosmetics. If you live in Cape Town you can get a hold of NYX.

French manicure beautifying nail polish in the shade Girl's Best French.

Brushed Metals Nail Polish in the shade Can't Stop The Feeling.
One thing these polishes have in common is a very thin formula, you need a minimum of 3 coats plus top coat if you don't want them flaking off within a couple of hours of them drying.

The Gel Nail Polish in the shade Dare It Nude.
I'm not a fan of this formula.

As for my review, I'm underwhelmed.
The banana powder is alright, I was mainly looking for a substitute to the yellow powder in the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette as I'm phasing it out, I love the products I have from that brand and will use them up but I don't agree with the front characters ethics and I've boycotted brands for way less before.

"You get what you pay for" applies for the rest.
Safe to say I'm over drugstore buys, I can make anything work for me but I shouldn't need to battle to get a product to work the way I expect/need it to. I rather spend more.

I have however not tried the Glow to go setting spray yet as I'm saving it for once I finish my Pixi Fixing Mist.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Self love and personal growth: Learning to not guilt myself and taking my own advice.

Lately something has started to click in me.

I've become very aware of my patterns of neglect and have begun to give myself a breather if I don't feel like doing whatever I wrote on my to-do list in the morning.
I'm allowing myself to do what I want in the moment without making myself feel bad. I just promise myself to get back to it when I have a better plan.

This has helped me so much with my anxiety, I can actually enjoy my days and focus on a few chores without feeling sick to my stomach for not mopping or cleaning the windows or whatever task that seems ridiculous to stress about in retrospective. I can just chill. This is so new to me... And I never saw how damaging my old ways were until now.

I'm working hard on being my own sound board.
Trying to give myself advice I'd give to someone I care about, which as stupid as it sounds, I wasn't.
I think we've all been there, telling a loved one not to be too hard on themselves, that things will be fine, just relax, take some time to reflect etc. But we never take our own advice, at least not until very recently.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Haul: Darling Girl Cosmetics , second edition.

It's bedtime for me as I write this so I'm going to keep it short.
I wasn't in need of make-up and then magic appears in my Instagram feed (@cynthiaiskillikill). Damn it Susan!

So I ordered four of the new pressed mattes.
I'm sad and disappointed in myself for not getting them all.
I got a gloss which is amazing, will be searching it later this week.
Also ordered a new multi chrome thingy majiggy, which is ridiculous and I am so excited to get to wear more.

Everything is of high quality, the products are insanely pigmented and I actually swatched them without primer which I don't normally do as I can't wear shadows without so I don't want anyone thinking they're insanely pigmented if I have primer on.
I'm so impressed with the mattes, I was way too excited and had no self-control which resulted in a heavy dip into the brown shadow... I was not expecting it to be so intense! Tried to fix it by adding more mattes and made a mess. I'll try again tomorrow...

The GWP is Dark Horse, it's gorgeous!
And then a blush which I'm excited about as I have started using a lot more of it lately.

But that's my haul!
I'm off to bed before I go off rambling about food.

Gamma Ray as eyeliner topper.
See the shift?!

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Haul: MeruMaya, Integrative Effective Skincare.

It's been far too long since I had some MeruMaya products in my routine. The first product from this brand I tried and absolutely loved was the "Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil". I bought the full size once my sample ran out and then over the past two three years I've been on a continuous search for the perfect products for MY perfect routine. I feel like I'm getting there and my skin is looking its best, but enough about that, let's get into the haul!

First off, basics.
It's winter here so hand cream is an absolute must in this dry dusty time of the year, SPF is a huge plus, which to my surprise is really unusual in hand cream! 
Second, Melting Cleansing Balm. I'm a balm junkie. And I don't feel like my skin has been cleaned without a good balmy massage at the end of the day. Really excited to try this.

I got two " Overnight Recharge Night Cream" as there was a half off deal when I placed my order. Can't have too many firming and lifting creams! Finally in my thirties and I am going all in on skin pampering products.

Finally, toners.
I strongly believe in toners, I personally feel the difference in my skin when I haven't used one and these two excite me a lot.
I got one Gentle Exfoliating Toner and one Treatment Toner.

Caroline Hirons did a brand overview 8 months ago.
(Will open in a new tab/window)

I'll report back with a review as I use the products but won't be too soon as I'm working through quite a bit of products right now. 

Let me know if you've tried anything from this brand and what you though of it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Review: Bybi Beauty (part 3).


I am completely sold on this product!
I have almost finished my 30ml tube after two - three months now. It's a very thick balm which quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a film. It smells amazing. Everything from Bybi Beauty smells amazing, not synthetic/artificial fragrance but rather like opening a blender full of tropical fruit. 

I will absolutely buy this again, I will probably have to get the bigger size as I use it as a face, body, foot, hand and what not balm. Super pleased and can't say enough good things about this balm, highly recommend.


This one is tricky.I really wanted to like it but it really doesn't fit my skincare routine. I exfoliate twice a day with a flannel as I cleanse my face and that's all I ever need. This again, smells great but I don't think I'll purchase it. I can see people liking it, it leaves the skin nice and not stripped. I did prefer applying it on a dry face and massaging it in with damp hands then wetting them again for another good rub. Don't have anything bad to say about it, just doesn't fit my range right now. 

I still have the mask to review but it will be a long time before I can even justify opening it as I have a lot of masks to go through right now.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Make-up: Quitting the limited edition hype.

Big breath in, hold, and release...

So, I've decided to quit the hype.

What am I on about?

I'm going to stop buying limited edition make-up.
I've not really been one to buy many limited edition products to start with but when I do, I hoard them...
I will absolutely allow myself buying limited edition tools, bags and anything else that isn't a consumable.

I'm just over it.

I hate the lack of information surrounding limited editions and I really struggle with making decisions without a lot of material to research... Which is always the case.

Totally triggered by the Dose of Colours x iluvsarahii collaboration. I love it but there's no freaking information!!!
And my crazy ass starts stressing and it puts me in a bad mood.
So not worth it over make-up...
No more limited editions coming this way.

I'm just going to stick to regular stocks.
And let's be honest, it's not a loss, there's a hell of a lot of make-up out there I want... But always gets pushed aside due to hype and sales and what not.

So I'm starting today, committing to finishing my few limited edition items and stop being a hoarder of things I really like.
Such a stupid mentality...

Monday, 16 July 2018

Current go-to face (July 2018)

We're in the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere and I couldn't be happier!
This is the time of the year I get to slap on make-up without having to check on it every 10 minutes because of the humidity/heat. Being a make-up lover in a warm country really sucks... But I'm too stubborn not to wear it.

I didn't realize that I had a go-to face again.
I've been playing with lots of things in previous months but not done much shopping for what I'd consider fun things,it's mainly been basics such as mascara, concealer and primers I've been looking for.

My go-to fave has been consisting of the following:
Winged liner, I use a black liner as close as possible to the lash line then I top it with an eyeshadow with a cool shift or sparkle before it sets completely.

I haven't been doing eyeshadow on my lids for an unknown reason... Instead I've been focusing on my lower lash line.
I've been trying to use up as many products as possible lately and just adding a pop of colour on a daily basis has really helped me make space... Can soon justify getting some fun things (not that I don't have things on the way as I type this... But sshhhh let me have my moment of false pride).

Obviously still using highlighters.
Highlighters is the one thing I don't skip.

As for lips I've been going bolder as my eye looks have been more basic. To my surprise, I've managed to work through two tubes of lipstick in the past month alone.
I've become one of those people who don't feel awake until I put lipstick on... So yeah, need to look at getting a few now as I've never been the one to have more than 10 at a time.

What I've been looking like lately:

Check Instagram (@cynthiaiskillikill) for full make-up details.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Haul: Ve_Cosmetics.

This is my second order from Ve Cosmetics.
My first order consisted of lots of various foundation samples as I was still on the hunt for my perfect foundation. 
While I did like the foundation formulas I just realized that I love to engage in a lot of face planting into my pillow, puppy and husband... All which don't need make-up smears.
So I gave up on the foundation quest.

But since I did like the feel of the foundations I thought I would try the concealers instead!

But first I had to get more bath bombs!
I NEED a relaxing bath a day or I never fall asleep.
These bath bombs are nothing crazy with glitter and what not.
They're just pleasant aroma therapy treats 

I really have been enjoying the first liquid lipstick I got in my previous order and wanted another one. 
But due to the overwhelming amount of choices I went with a mystery lipstick! Which I think is genius!!!
I got this matte good shade, called Gold (obviously).
Not really what I'd wear all over my lips but it has been cool to use as a base and also as eyeshadow and eyeliner.

And then finally the concealers.
Super happy with these! The texture is great, doesn't dry down to crust and the mix of 2 & 3 is a perfect match for my pale face.
All round a successful order.

Top to Bottom:
Unicorn Too Liquid Lipstick in Gold.
Witchcraft Liquid Concealer in shade 3.
Witchcraft Liquid Concealer in shade 2.

Monday, 9 July 2018

BuJu Life: July.

Well, we're in the 7th month of the year.
Like... Wtf? A bit late but time has been a real thief lately! I don't even notice it... And poof! Gone!

Main spread:
Left: I've been going through my pictures and found a bunch that don't fit in my albums which I thought I'd use in my bullet journal. Here's the first picture I developed in a darkroom when I was 16. Below that I have a new tracker, it tracks reason/gaming, mindful practice and workouts. 
Right: Goals for the month and a space for random notes.

Left: Expenses. Nothing special here just a space for me to have a better visual of our expenses and what I need to keep in mind for coming months.
Right: My body tracking is basically a place I write a little something about how I've been feeling physically and mentally.

Left: Tasks, my little squats and push ups tracking, also a picture printed with my new toy; The Sprocket.
Right: Daily scheduled and more space for tasks.

And that's it!
Nothing crazy this month, still figuring out what I need and actually use rather than wasting space on unnecessary trackers and doodles.