Friday, 23 September 2016

Look: Glitter lip and nails. (+mini review)

Found myself a tiny bit hormonal yesterday morning so I decided to make an effort to cheer myself up a bit and keep my mind busy by playing with make-up.

Did nothing complicated but it doesn't have to be.
Sometimes I only do one part of my make-up and I like how it looks way more dramatic then it is.

Product details at the end.

Product details:
First of all I used a light application of DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed over the lower half of my face (wasn't going to take pictures beyond my lips).
The lipstick was a kickstarter early bird reward, I don't remember the brand but that's fine as it's kinda bad...
It's very moisturising but the color is really streaky and you have to blot and powder about 3 layers for a somewhat passable application. Which in my opinion isn't worth it for everyday use. I did four layers here, I've used this lipstick for a total of four times and I'm quite a bit down the bullet already... 😒 But I guess that's alright seeing as its only a playtime product for me.
On my top lip I have Dirty Hippie Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Carbon blended to an ombre effect downward.
Since the lipstick is moisturising I didn't need any help to fix the glitter to the lips.
The glitter is T-800 from Espionage Cosmetics. It's one of my favorites to use, I love holographic stuff.

My nails:
Stargazer Products Nail polish in 129 (black). This one does get bubbles if it's warm, just a warning. The first layer is super off putting as it is very streaky but the second one completely covers the nail. Wears well just be careful not to have a hot bath the same day you get them done as I did. Two of my nails came clean off...
Used Barry  M Cosmetics Gelly plumping top coat to fix three layers of glitter.