Friday, 7 October 2016

In my stash: My setting powder, the power of three.

The first ever make-up product I put on was in secret.
Unfortunately for me it wasn't a very discrete secret.
I was probably 10 when I put my moms bronzer on my face, all over my face to be exact.
Knowing nothing about make-up back then I didn't understand why it looked so different on me... As my friend frantically tried to wipe it all off of my face in the school yard before class.

Today I know better!

I have been through a lot of powders in my few make-up years mainly because it is nearly impossible for me to like them.
I only started using powder about 4 years ago. Prior to that I was very much into Korean beauty and the whole dewy skin and before that I only used foundation mixed with moisturizers as I tend to favor the no make-up feel.

So what I now do is that I mix a few that I like.
And as I dislike matte face I mix in some highlight powder.

I currently use the following:
Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Finishing Powder, 30g.
Ingredients: Rice powder, Kaolin clay and silica.
I absolutely bought this for the name, wasn't expecting it to be anything special at all. It isn't really anything special really when you look at the ingredients list but for me it's perfect.
It's a colorless powder but I don't personally know how it lookin deeper skin, sorry.
It can feel a bit grainy when you take it off and if applied with a heavy hand it will leave a white cast on your face, almost like dry shampoos can on hair. I have not tried baking with any of these so can't say how they preform in that department.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Mineral powder in Sunkissed, 15g.
Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, GMO-free corn starch, Sericite Mica, Raw Cacao powder (theobromine), Argiletz clays, Jojoba Esters and naturally extracted vitamin E.
This little pot became an instant favorite, photographs well without any weird residue showing up.
Not much to say.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Coconut highlight powder, 6g.
Ingredients: Organic arrowroot powder, Argiletz clays, natural vitamin E, organic apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and mica.
Out of all the cosmetics I own this little tin would probably be my favorite item. It's simply beautiful. Not too much, just a glow. I sometimes use it as my setting powder on it's own because I just love it.

These three powders is what I mix to get my setting powder.
They compliment each other so well and don't feel heavy or cakey. The mix will offer close to no coverage with a pretty glow which is what I'm personally always looking for.

You can find Dirty Hippie Cosmetics on Etsy and Shiro Cosmetics on their own page.