Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween: Steampunk glam.

This was definitely one of my top 5 prettiest looks I've ever done.
I'm so happy with it! Did not want to wash it off but had to as I was melting under the shirt, waist cincher (which I still don't know why I even wore as there was no chance of it showing up on the pictures) etc.

I'm going to try a new product details layout describing what on what part rather than just mashing it all together like I do on Instagram. Let me know if you prefer this new way.

Product details:
Face base:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer. Make-up Revolution stick concealer in Fair. Neve cosmetics eyeliner pencil in White. DHC Mineral powder in Sunkissed.
Blush and contour is EC Clockwork and Retrofit. Highlight Neve cosmetics Ghiaccio and Sugarpill Goldilux.
Neck brace:
Neve Cosmetics eyeliner in White to mark everything out, later blended out and black eyeliner for the edges topped with DHC mineral shadow in carbon to set it. Make-up Revolution concealer stick in Medium/Dark topped with DHC mineral shadow in Terra Firma. The lines were made with Sugarpill Goldilux and the darker shade is Espionage Cosmetics (EC) Barbara Lauwers shadow. I did use eyeshadow primer for the lines. Also, lines seem like a great idea until you start shaking and can't get them straight. This was the part which took the longest.
For the cogs I used Sugarpill Goldilux, EC Headshot and EC glitter BOOM!
EC kiss of death lip serum in Sugar with Sugarpill Goldilux in the center and along the outline.
Outline top with Neve cosmetics eyeliner in White.
Use black eyeliner along the top and bottom of the brows. Use an eyeliner brush to pull the liner into the brows to create the illusion of thicker hair growth. Top with EC Headshot and blend out the white liner.
Eyes: Eyeshadow primer. DHC mineral shadow in Carbon over my lids, EC Athena in the crease both blended together. Use what's left on the brush under the eyes. Blend a bit of EC Epic into it. Use a black liner and blend along the lower lashline. More primer. Topped with EC Barbara Lauwers. More primer on the center and topped with Sugarpill Goldilux.
Blend EC Athena from the crease to the brow bone. Apply EC Headshot from the brow line and blend tother with Athena. Add EC Clockwork along the brow line and top with Neve Cosmetics shadow Ghiaccio... And blend some more. Clockwork on the inner corners.
Go back to the lash line and press Carbon along the outer corners. Curl lashes and apply mascara. I'm still not too sure about the one I'm using... Will make a post about it eventually.
But that's it. 😂