Monday, 7 January 2019

Current stash, post declutter.

I've been going hard on decluttering my life over the last four years and early December I decided that it was time to say goodbye to a lot of things in my make-up stash.

Ma stash.
So this is what I kept.
I didn't have a huge stash to start with as I've always made sure that I don't have more than what fits in a regular desk drawer. It's not so much that I don't have space but more of a way for myself to not get overwhelmed and not know what I have, which has happened more then once before I started my somewhat minimal living way. I do go through a decent amount of products in a year but right now I feel like I'm in a place where I'd much rather use up what I have then buy things this year. I do however have 5 things coming and will most likely pick up a few things during my visit to Sweden in a few months... But until then, I'm happy.

I have a wide range of everything I can imagine ever needing and I'm also a fan of mixing so I don't own loads of lipsticks or any other things, I prefer buying lip safe pigments and have good mixing mediums. This is something I did a lot more when I first started exploring make-up. Now I enjoy having a couple of perfect lipsticks to take with me everywhere and not make a fuss.

Since I discovered make-up I've stopped using foundation, I only spot conceal and use correctors if needed. Powder is my best friend but I only use it for my T-zone and a fine banana powder for under my eyes. Not buying foundation has probably been my best decision! I could to start with never find a match as I have a pale olive skin tone and in the early 2000s there was, if you were lucky, maybe 5 shades to chose from... And seeing as I grew up in Sweden, there wasn't much catering for non Scandinavian complexions.

Eyeshadows is the thing for me.
I love wearing it and while my fashion is dull and muted, my eyes will absolutely compensate for that... Oh and blinding highlighter of course.

For this year I won't be doing many hauls, instead I aim to do "what's in my stash" again on a monthly basis or whenever I feel like swatching stuff for my own sake. I have for a long time wanted to do a digital library of my make-up and I think now's the time to do it!

So yeah, that's it.
Hope you enjoy and let me know if you plan on doing a minimalist year or declutter your own stash.