Thursday, 24 May 2018

Haul: Violeteyes Cosmetics Haul (Ve_cosmetics)

I have for the past two years been sticking to make-up brand lists I make at the end of each year to help myself from going all sorts of crazy when buying make-up... This year I made an exception for ve_cosmetics as I kinda got over one of the brands I had previously put on my list for a few reasons but mainly because I want to buy from vegan brands... I also ran out of eyeliner very suddenly and emergencies require swift action!!!
Click picture to get to Ve_cosmetics page and make sure to follow her on her social media platforms for updates and deals! (Not sponsored or affiliated)

So here's what I ordered:
Two Stress/Depression & Anxiety Bath Bombs.
A mystery lipstick, I received the shade 3am which I'm totally in love with ( Click Here to see it on).
Pink lemonade lip scrub (smells amazing).
Pocket rocket eyeliner.
Feline good eyeliner.
And a bunch of samples of foundations as I'm still on the hunt for my perfect shade to match my indoor complexion.

Lipstick wand. It's a harder tip than most which makes a precise application. I normally have to use a lip brush as most applicators are kinda shitty honestly... I also have very shaky hands.

Eyeliner tip comparison.

I've used a few of the things but can't really do a proper review.
I can however vouch for the Feline Good liner as I wore it yesterday for 16 hours without it smudging which I usually struggle with.

That's my haul for now!
Excited to make time to figure these foundations out and use those bath bombs as they smell gorgeous!

Let me know if you've tried anything from Ve cosmetics and what you'd recommend! I'm eager to try more stuff!