Saturday, 10 September 2016

Look: Treasure lip art.

I placed an order at F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics and one of the shadows I got was Hydra's Wrath.
It was actually one I ordered just because I liked the name (yup, I'm a sucker for good names).
I wasn't really impressed by what it was describes as, I was way more excited about the rest of my order!

And this is it...
This is Hydra's Wrath over Iman Cosmetics lipstick in Rebel (Chocolate brown)...
It's gorgeous! I'm so impressed with the pigmentation and how it transforms.
Here's today's experiment/playtime result.

Full product details at the end as usual.

Face base:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics BB cream in Moonlit topped with Coconut Highlight Powder as setting powder... I'm completely obsessed with that highlighter.
Iman Cosmetics lipstick in Rebel, probably my favorite lipstick from the line that I have tried. It's unfortunately a bit patchy but I make it work by putting on three layers and blotting between each layer. Once it's on, it stays really well.
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow in Hydra's Wrath pressed along the edges of the lips faded towards the center. There's more pictures and swatches of this shadow on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill.
Espionage Cosmetics Kiss of Death Lip serum in Gilded Force mixed with Sugarpill Goldilux for the awesome gold dripping.