Monday, 9 July 2018

BuJu Life: July.

Well, we're in the 7th month of the year.
Like... Wtf? A bit late but time has been a real thief lately! I don't even notice it... And poof! Gone!

Main spread:
Left: I've been going through my pictures and found a bunch that don't fit in my albums which I thought I'd use in my bullet journal. Here's the first picture I developed in a darkroom when I was 16. Below that I have a new tracker, it tracks reason/gaming, mindful practice and workouts. 
Right: Goals for the month and a space for random notes.

Left: Expenses. Nothing special here just a space for me to have a better visual of our expenses and what I need to keep in mind for coming months.
Right: My body tracking is basically a place I write a little something about how I've been feeling physically and mentally.

Left: Tasks, my little squats and push ups tracking, also a picture printed with my new toy; The Sprocket.
Right: Daily scheduled and more space for tasks.

And that's it!
Nothing crazy this month, still figuring out what I need and actually use rather than wasting space on unnecessary trackers and doodles.