Monday, 5 September 2016

Look: Green eyes.

Having had a not so great start to the day I decided to perk myself up with some make-up.
My body still seems to be fighting off the cold I had a week ago and I've been physically drained.
And to top that off I woke up with a sore spot on my face (seen under my eye in the first picture) which I initially thought to be cystic acne but proved to be a mosquito bite. Which is really itchy now...

Today's look is a very basic one.
There was no inspiration behind it, I just wanted to wear green.
Product details at the end. 

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics:
BB cream in Moonlit as my face base. Really liking this cream, it has light coverage but cancels redness like no other! I don't use any concealer over this one, which I normally have to with other similar products. It is greyish which is probably why it's magical.
Mineral concealer in Sunkissed. I don't use this concealer in the way it might be intended. As I tend to be more on the pale side I use this concealer to warm up my complexion and as a very, VERY subtle contour or bronzer.
Mineral Eye shadow in Pine Needels, this went on my eyelids up to the crease. It's a pine green matte shadow, has to be used with primer to stick properly. If not you'll get a washed out kind of green, which still looks great but not what I'm after. I want forest green over my eyes.
Mineral Eye shadow in Ever Green. Ugh, this is my love. It's a beautiful emerald green. Applied along my lash line, top and bottom mixed with a bit of Medusa's Make-up Eyeliner seal.
Mineral Eye shadow in Honey Suckle for a soft highlight and contour/blush.
Shiro Cosmetics:Finishing Powder: Fatality.
Espionage Cosmetics:
Shadow in Betrayal for the crease blended upwards to the brow bone where I used the shadow Respawn to fade the green and for highlighting the inner corners as well.
Shadow Double Kill used on the brows which is a dark green shimmery shadow. Camera didn't pick up much of the duochrome but you get a faint idea of it in the second picture.
Iman Cosmetics:
Lip Shimmer in Debutante.
This is just an awesome "your lips but better" for ladies of paler complexion.
It's really tacky so if you like slippery lips this is not for you.
I'm just happy if my lips don't feel dry.