Saturday, 26 November 2016

Swatches: F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics.

My Fall collection from F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics arrived earlier this week and I'm loving it! I also ordered Enchanted Forest which isn't part of it and swatched Blazing Unicorn next to 13th Floor to show the difference. They are similar but for me it doesn't matter as I love red shadows.

To shop from the lovely lady who makes these magical pans of sparkles clickhere.

Swatches (done over Zodiac Killer Cosmetics Gravity Primer):

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Haul: Moon Baby Shop.

My orders from Moon Baby Shop finally arrived!!!
The warehouse I've been using for a while was doing some major rework and it caused some delays but I don't even care right now. I'm happy with my loot. My very epic loot!
Reviews will be popping up as I use things.

I placed two orders in October, my first one was for the following goodies:
In this picture: Bora Bora bath bomb, Pumpkin Face Mask, Orange and Lavender Tub Teas and two samples. 

My second order was a placed a week or so later and it was during their Halloween clear out sale. I was so overwhelmed by the products available that I just asked them to pick things for me. The one thing I really wanted included was the Green tea and Tobacco soap bar. And here's what was chosen for me:
In this picture: A bunch of lovely bath bombs and a bag of bath soak. Everything smells amazing and I can't wait to be done with the house chores to pamper myself.

In this picture: Soaps! A sample pack, mineral bath soak, a loofa and a cute sugar skull soap... I don't know if I'll ever use that one, it's so pretty! 

Moon Baby Shop can be found on Etsy and they're currently getting their Black Friday deals ready! Follow them on Instagram for the latest updates and to get to the shop clickhere 
For now they only ship within the US, they're very approachable and lovely so if you're wondering about anything just send them a message.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Swatches: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics.

I love Dirty Hippie Cosmetics.
I'll leave it at that for now... But if you do want to know what I think about lots of their things clickhere.

Swatches of DHC mineral eyeshadows, I own them all and love them all, super generous size and lovely range of colors.

Oh, and I did swatch the one lipstick I have because I think it's gorgeous and works for many skin tones.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Swatches: Zodiac Killer Cosmetics Lip Paint.

About a month ago I received my first order from Zodiac Killer Cosmetics.
I decided to try their Gravity Primer and some lip paint samples, I went with them all because I couldn't decide.

Below you can see what these are:
✴liquid to matte
✴metallic with an iridescent finish
✴zero to very little transfer
✴vegan & cruelty-free
✴zero bleeding
✴vanilla hemp scent

A short review:
These are my first matte lipsticks so I don't have anything to compare with. To me the formula feels like a mousse rather than a liquid and to my surprise far more comfortable to wear than expected. Kiss proof/contact proof. I've worn it with balms underneath and doing so will make them feel better but not keep them on as well as when applied over clean dry lips.
I apply them with a lip brush. I highly recommend mixing the product well before applying for a full coverage application as the product can separate. They will crack if applied to thick but they don't flake, you can easily mend any cracks with a dab of balm or simply by adding more product. I love the colors I've tried and have already placed an order for three more samples of Mercury, Mars and Venus.
The sample sizes are generous.

Swatches, (done with a make-up spatula except for Alien which was done with the wand):

On my lips: Equal parts of Mercury and Pluto. Wearing Alien as eyeliner.

On my lips: Equal parts of Mercury and Mars.

On my lips: Equal parts of Mercury and Venus.

My lips after a cup of tea and a meal (Pizza with cutlery).

Monday, 21 November 2016

Swatches: Espionage Cosmetics favorites.

As Black Friday is coming I thought I would share some of my favorite products from various brands.
Today I'll be sharing my favorites from Espionage Cosmetics.
Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to be first to know about the sales, events and even some sneaky ninja sales which can't be found otherwise...
Free domestic shipping (US) on orders over $50, which shouldn't be a problem reaching with all the gorgeousness available. If you struggle just add a mystery nail wrap!

Enjoy and happy shopping!

I used Zodiac Killer Cosmetics Gravity Primer as a base, on the shadows I used it on half the swatch to show how they look without a base as well as with. Primer also used for the glitter.

These two shades are so beautiful. They wear great, they are a bit tacky which make them perfect for mixing with lip safe pigments. Smell yummy. Venom is actually purple over dark lips, has a beautiful purple iridescent shimmer which was impossible to capture.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Look: Everydayish face.

I made a look!
A not so bold and dramatic editorial style look!
I was feeling a bit miserable and super drained yesterday which called for an attempt to perk myself up with some color.

Product details at the end:

Product details:
As my base I'm wearing Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Age defying moisturizer with a dab here and there of DHC mineral concealer in Sunkissed. DHC coconut highlight powder for a natural looking glow and Bronzed Rose powder to add a bit of warmth and soft contour along my cheekbones, forehead, jawline and some down my neck to tie it all together.
DHC mineral shadow in Carbon (matte black) on my brows, as eyeliner and in the crease as well as under the eyes.

My eyeshadow base is Zodiac Killer Cosmetics (ZKC) gravity primer, which I'm really liking as it's hydrating and doesn't make shadows feel crispy... Don't know if that's a common thing but I would feel like a crispyness with a few primers when they would dry down.
On my inner corners I'm wearing Kraken by F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics and using Blazing Unicorn on my cheeks for a bit of color. A warning, I had to lightly touch the pan and then dab it on my wrist before applying it, it's insanely pigmented and shimmery but totally worth mastering as it's beautiful. A little goes a very long way.
On the center of my lids I'm wearing one of my favorite shadows, Betrayal by Espionage Cosmetics. It sucks that the golden shimmer didn't get picked up! It's so beautiful!!!
In my crease I have DHC bronzed rose powder as a base which I topped with Carbon for a soft look. Along the browbone I'm wearing a tiny bit of Neve Cosmetics Ghiaccio, which is a white shimmer. It was a bit too intense for this look so I had to tone it down with a bit of DHC coconut highlight powder.
And finally on my lips I'm wearing the super gorgeous ZKC matte lipstick in Mercury. This was a thin coat. I still have a bit of playing around to do with these lipsticks, keep watching the blog for the post about them coming early next week before the madness of Black Friday breaks loose.

And that's it.
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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Look: War Paint.

Yesterday's look was inspired by one of @ohsococo 's lip arts.
As Halloween is over I'm back to my less dramatic looks, I will still do elaborate looks regularly as I need to get it out of my system.

Product details at the end.

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics (DHC) Hemp seed & Red raspberry primer, Jordana Cosmetics foundation in Natural, DHC Bronzed rose powder, DHC Coconut Highlight powder, DHC Mineral powder in Sunkissed, Neve Cosmetics shadow in Ghiaccio.
Zodiac Killer Cosmetics Gravity Primer, DHC mineral eyeshadow in Carbon, Sugarpill loose shadow in Goldilux, DHC Bronzed rose powder in the crease and Neve cosmetics shadow Ghiaccio. Finished with mascara.
Zodiac Killer Cosmetics matte lipstick in Moon, DHC Mineral eyeshadow in Carbon and Sugarpill loose shadow in Goldilux.

Also dusted my neck and shoulders with a little Goldilux.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

In my stash: Dirty Hippie Cosmetics.

As many who follow me on Instagram might know, I'm a huge fan of everything Dirty Hippie Cosmetics makes.

I'm writing this post because I have started to hit pan on multiple products, feel confident in how to best use them and know how they preform. DHC has just launched their Christmas bundles which are great for anyone who has been eyeing them but might not be sure where to start. A perfect time to get into natural skincare and save a bit in the process.

Side note: This post is not sponsored, I just really love DHC and need for it to be a successful company so I can buy these things forever! So this is obviously for selfish reasons! All pictures are from DHC's Etsy page as my own products look a bit less pretty and fresh right now.

Shop link: Click here.

Coconut Sunscreen Balm with or without Natural Bug Repellent Blend (Preservative, Irritant and Toxin Free) 10g/75g/85g

Ingredients: Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Liquid, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Non-micronised Zinc Oxide, Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax, Carrot Seed, Raspberry Seed and Wheatgerm Oils, Natural Vitamin E, Essential Oils.

This sunscreen is a must! Smells great and is now offered with bug repellent which I will grab...! I bought the large one and I just made it through 2/3 after 6 months of use. Normally I would go through a pot of 50g in a month but this, as many other products from DHC lasts forever! A little goes a long way.
Luxury Facial Cleansing Bar.
Ingredients: Water, Lye, Coconut Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, French Clay. 100g bar of soap.

Never leaves my skin dry or feeling tight. Leaves the skin clean and balanced. This is a very mild soap which won't get any make-up off, only be gentle to your skin. 

Raw Face Feed
Ingredients: Certified organic Apricot Kernel oil (Infused with Willowbark, Calendula, Bamboo & Plantain.), Rose Hip, Evening Primrose, Avocado, Hempseed and Tamanu Oils. 45ml.

Hands down my favorite product from DHC and my addiction. I have been using the same bottle since May... I bought two backups the same month I got my first one out of fear of running low as I was so happy with how my skin was behaving with this. I'm close to finishing it now though! This has helped my skin so much. I had bad cystic acne on my face at the beginning of the year... That's when I completely changed my skincare to natural products. Now I only get a tiny bump every now and then! Also helps with my redness. Mainly used as an overnight treatment.

Organic Vegan Moisturisers 45g.
I have three of these: Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry primer (which you know if you ever look at any of my make-up posts on Instagram as I ALWAYS use it), Age Defying Blueberry Bliss and Nourishing Sweet Rose. I love them all.
A little goes a very long way, they absorb to the skin beautifully and give you that slight tingle which high end moisturisers do. The fragrance, which is naturally occurring, isn't overwhelming. It's just a very pleasant clean smell, a smell which quickly becomes associated with clean and fresh skin. Even a hit with my bearded partner.
I didn't list the ingredients here as there's three different creams, all listed on the Etsy page.

Hemp Lip and Body Balm
Ingredients: Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax, Hemp Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Naturally Extracted Vitamin E. 14g.

Another gem. I use this balm daily, it's another product where a little goes a long way and yet another I bought a back up of too soon! I have very dry skin and I also use this on my skin when I have shaved. It makes my legs feel magical, soft like you can't imagine. It's really an all over balm. So don't limit yourself when using this. Smells of avocado oil which might bother some but it doesn't linger, once absorbed it disappears. 

Clay Face Masks 40g.

I've tried all except for the Acne busting ocean minerals one.

They are all great and I use them depending on what I want to tackle. The camomile one is my favorite, it smells amazing. Perfectly soothing and offers a great little aromatherapy session. One thing all of these have in common is that they leave your skin feeling supple and nourished. The blueberry one is great for exfoliating, its the roughest one but it won't hurt your skin. The rose one is probably the most hydrating. I do masks at least once per week and one jar/refill (check options when you buy) lasts for 4-6 uses. I alternate between mixing them with oil and water so uses do vary as I feel like I need more product with oil. For ingredients please check the Etsy shop.

Luxury Body Bars (Acne Busting Ocean Minerals, Nourishing Sweet Rose and Age Defying Blueberry Bliss) 120g

I have personally only used the Nourishing Sweet Rose bar.

I do not like rose fragrances, at all. It's the one thing I make sure to avoid, despite this I chose the rose bar... I surprise myself sometimes. But luckily this bar doesn't reek of roses. It's pleasant! So pleasant that I thought at one point that I was cured and went to sniff on a rose body lotion in a store only to almost die! Haha! I think my childhood Turkish delight addiction has scarred me... Again a product which lasts a long time, preforms well, is actual soap (not all soaps are real soaps, Google will tell you more). Bath junkie approved!

Natural Probiotic Deodorant (Aluminium and Toxin Free) 75g/95g/145g

Ingredients: Certified Organic Cocoa and Shea Butters, Kaolin Clay, Bicarbonate Soda or Magnesium Sulphate, Arrowroot Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Live Bacteria, Tea Tree extract, Natural Vitamin E, Essential Oils.

I struggled with itchy armpits from day one of ever shaving them. It's funny how little we bother looking into what we put on our body. I did not know until about 5 years ago that it was the aluminium in deodorants which made me itch! Since then I've been through all sorts of different deodorants, mainly from Lush as I really liked their deodorant bar. This one has however lasted (again) for ages and I love the formulation! I bought the largest tin as it takes quite some time for me to get my orders to this part of the world. I have just now gotten close to half the container. It applies great, smells great but will of course not last 24h but will last from morning to evening. Nothing funky about this one, I apply it by scooping up some with the top of my nail. Keep in mind that this is a deodorant not antiperspirant! 

Tea-Tree Blemish Treatment
Balm Ingredients: Certified Organic Apricot Seed Oil (infused with White Willow Bark, Plantain, Bamboo and Calendula), Shea Butter, Olive Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea Tree Extracts, Tamanu Oil, Naturally extracted Vitamin E.

A neat balm I use when my face is a bit irritated.
I leave it on for a couple of hours then do my usual night time routine. So far it seems to do the trick on funny bumps and sore areas. There is also a tonic version of this which I have not tried.

Detoxifying Mineral Bath Soaks (Calming Calendula and Toning Rose) 125g

These are so pretty in the bath! But unfortunately I can't be clogging the drains every week... Haha! I put them in tea strainers to avoid a mess. Makes the bathroom smell lovely and makes you feel like a super pampered woodland spirit! These are bath treats which is my absolute favorite time of the day.

Raw Cacao BB Cream Foundation (Toxin Free SPF 20+) 4g/22g 

Ingredients: Certified Organic Shea Liquid, Hemp Seed Oil, Mango and Olive Butters, Carnauba Wax, Sericite Mica, Raw Cacao Powder (Theobromine), Zinc Oxide Powder (Non-micronised), Argiletz Clays, Naturally extracted Vitamin E.

This is such a perfect product for those who can't quite be bothered with make-up but still don't want to look like they rolled out of a coffin and want to keep the fussing to a minimum with sunscreen. A win all round. I have dry skin with an oily T-zone. This little tin has been great, gives about 10-15 % coverage which is enough for me to get the redness under control and to help a bit with my dark circles without looking like I have anything else but moisturizer on. It does set into lines after a while but it doesn't dry or get patchy, you just need to tap it back into place. Perfect for lazy days or sudden errands, which is when I mainly use this. Sample size available.

Mineral Cream Concealer (Moonlit, Sunkissed and Goddess) 10g

Ingredients: Certified Organic fractionated Coconut oil, Jojoba Esters, Olive derived Silicone and Wax, Sericite Mica, Non-Micronised Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Naturally derived Vitamin E. 

Hydrating, low to medium coverage, allows the skin to breath and easy to work with. I love this. I hate the dry formulas and this one looks like skin. I think that's the best part about Danni's creations, they're made to enhance and nourish your skin, not cover.

Raw Cacao Foundation Powder
Ingredients: Organic Arrowroot Powder, GMO-Free Corn Starch, Sericite Mica, Raw Cacao Powder (Theobromine), Argiletz Clays, Jojoba Esters, Naturally extracted Vitamin E.  15g.

A fine powder. Does everything it's meant to do with minimal coverage. Also! Customization is available.

Bronzed-Rose Contouring Powder

Powder Ingredients: Organic Apricot Seed Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Naturally Extracted Vitamin E, Argiletz Clays, Organic Rose Powder, Mica. 6g.

This was sent to me as a surprise a while back and I use it a lot! The shade is lovely and buildable. More on the peachy/rose side than orange which is perfect even as a blush. It also comes in a balm but I haven't tried it.

Mineral Eyeshadows 5g.

These are an investment. You get so much product! They're all gorgeous my favorites are Blue Sky, Ever Green, Antique Silver and Carbon. Plus all the others... I have them all. And it's not a problem.

Coconut Highlighting Powder

Ingredients: Certified Organic Arrowroot Powder, Argiletz Clays, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil (Infused with fresh Calendula Flowers), Virgin Coconut Oil, Mica. 6g.

My go-to everyday highlighter which I use as a setting powder if I want to feel extra magical. I've written about it multiple times and I will never stop. Also available as a balm.

Mineral Lipstick

Lipstick Ingredients: Certified Organic Castor Oil, Cocoa and Mango Butters, Non-Micronised Zinc Oxide Powder, Candelilla and Carnauba waxes, Jojoba Esters, Avocado Oil, Olive derived Silicone, Naturally Extracted Vitamin E, Micas. 10g.

Another little goodie I was sent as an extra. I got the shade Terra Firma which is a beautiful reddish brown. Can be used as a light stain and is buildable, very easy to achieve the color seen in the pot. It's balanced between being moisturising and matte. Like the lipsticks were back in the day kind of thing which I like as they will stay on for a while. Can also be used as a blush and there is also a mattifying powder available (just saw that).

This concludes my sort of mini-review of my current Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Stash. I've already been eyeing the shampoo bars and the laundry items!
Go give DHC a follow on Instagram to keep up with deals and new releases! 
Feel free to drop me any questions, I'll do what I can to help.
DHC is otherwise really fast at replying just keep in mind that it's an Australian shop so there is a time difference if you're not.
Shop link: Click here.