Thursday, 5 October 2017

Haul & Review: Violet Rose Studio Lipsticks.

My order from Violet Rose Studio:

Left to Right: Peach Cocktail, Champagne and True Romance.

Peach Cocktail: A thick gloss, I did struggle a little with this one as it wanted to bunch up when wearing more than a thin coat. It's however worth the extra work one has to put in for an even application. This is a gorgeous shade with lots of fine gold glitter which makes it a tiny bit gritty but pretty. In my experience best applied in two thin coats with a long haired lip brush (still looks great with just one thin coat and is comfortable). I'm wearing two coats in the picture.

Champagne: A gorgeous, very opaque metallic which was sent as a freebie with my order. It looks beautiful over anything, I've mainly been using it over a dark mauve and wine coloured liners. It's versatile and did I mention that it's gorgeous? Cause it is and comfortable as well so an all round win in my book.

True Romance: This is a shade I've been after for a while! I had a similar lipstick once upon a time. So happy Marshana carries this shade! It's a liquid lipstick which does dry down matte when applied thin, you don't need much product and less is more as it can look streaky in different lighting. Super comfortable, does transfer a bit, easy to reapply or even fix with a dab of lip balm.

All cosmetics by Violet Rose Studio are handmade, cruelty free and vegan. Always keep in mind that there might be minor "flaws" with products which are handmade, separation being the most common thing to occur which is easy to fix by regularly mixing and using the product, so don't be a hoarder!! Use it! The make-up I've tried so far have all been oil based and have had some leakage in transit, luckily it hasn't been bad and I haven't lost a lot of product but thought I would share that. This is a difficult thing to avoid when making oils and liquid based products no matter the packaging.

Other than that, I haven't had any irritation caused by it and nothing smells funky.
Violet Rose Studio also carries a bunch of chokers, glosses, highlighters and is always growing and being tweaked. The page is fairly new and you will probably find it easiest to navigate through the products tab rather than specific categories for now while it's expanding.

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Not sponsored content, this was bought by me.