Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Haul: Ve_Cosmetics.

This is my second order from Ve Cosmetics.
My first order consisted of lots of various foundation samples as I was still on the hunt for my perfect foundation. 
While I did like the foundation formulas I just realized that I love to engage in a lot of face planting into my pillow, puppy and husband... All which don't need make-up smears.
So I gave up on the foundation quest.

But since I did like the feel of the foundations I thought I would try the concealers instead!

But first I had to get more bath bombs!
I NEED a relaxing bath a day or I never fall asleep.
These bath bombs are nothing crazy with glitter and what not.
They're just pleasant aroma therapy treats 

I really have been enjoying the first liquid lipstick I got in my previous order and wanted another one. 
But due to the overwhelming amount of choices I went with a mystery lipstick! Which I think is genius!!!
I got this matte good shade, called Gold (obviously).
Not really what I'd wear all over my lips but it has been cool to use as a base and also as eyeshadow and eyeliner.

And then finally the concealers.
Super happy with these! The texture is great, doesn't dry down to crust and the mix of 2 & 3 is a perfect match for my pale face.
All round a successful order.

Top to Bottom:
Unicorn Too Liquid Lipstick in Gold.
Witchcraft Liquid Concealer in shade 3.
Witchcraft Liquid Concealer in shade 2.