Thursday, 29 September 2016

Look: Hardcore highlight.

So... I got a bit carried away today.
No! I take it back! I was obviously helping the mothership find me, with the glow of destiny! (And so on) 😂

But yeah, finally got around to try the other highlighter from @fairbeautycosmetics I got at the beginning of the month.
My application wasn't perfect as I'm still getting used to the pigmentation of the highlighters. But looking forward to next time.

Full product details at the end as usual.

Product details :
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Hemp Seed and Red Raspberry hydrating primer.
Stargazer Pro Foundation in Pearl mixed with Jordana Cosmetics foundation in Natural and with some F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics loose highlighter in Incubus Dreams for the face base.
Espionage Cosmetics shadow in Retrofit for a light shadowy contour. EC shadow in Epic for a bit more definition of the contour and in the crease. Kiss of Death lip serum in Soulless.
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Carbon (all black seen).
DHC coconut highlight powder mixed with Incubus Dreams to set my face, which turned out to be a magical combination.
Neve Cosmetics pressed shadow in Ghiaccio on my high points.
And finally I went nuts with F.A I.R. Beauty Cosmetics Incubus Dreams and Dragon Mist.
Finished with Autograph Aqua Proof Mascara.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Southern Comforts: My balms, so far.

My thoughts on the body balms from Southern Comforts Fragrance.

The balms come in 2oz (60m) tins. Super convenient for future hoarding, which I know will be a thing in my life as I often catch myself trying to figure out ways of justify a couple more in my collection...
They are vegan and Leaping Bunny Approved.
Product base ingredients: Shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, avocado/coconut/sweet almond/grapeseed oil, soy wax, dimethicone, vegan isopropyl myristate, fragrance oil, phenonip (vegan preservative).
I currently own:
The night the lights went out:(rich dark citrus): Honey tangerine EO, lavender, dark vanilla, tonka.
Miss Leonie's lift: (herbal, citrus): bergamot, pink peppercorn, geranium, yuzu.
(Plus two more which aren't available anymore.)

The balms come is all the fragrances available in the shop (Master fragrance list).
The balms are lovely, the smell of soy (which had me worried in the beginning) does disappear after a couple of minutes of being applied to the body. They will not linger on the body for as long the fragrance oils but they do preform better than many other scented body butters/balms. I normally apply them after my evening bath and can still catch the smell on my skin the following morning.

When it comes to the moisturising levels it doesn't do the job for me on it's own as I have very dry skin. I apply another moisturizer before the body balm (you might not need this, my skin is dry to the point of it hurting). I mainly use these balms as a treat for my senses. The fragrance range offered by SoCo is amazing. I have never in my life been so excited about fragrance. It has become an event in my evening routine, something which I look forward to, I experiment by pairing them with the fragrance oils but they offer great fragrance adventures all on their own.

I strongly recommend you to have a look at this company if you want something special for yourself. SoCo has loads of fun limited edition releases through the year and is also part of a monthly collaboration with another lovely indie company: Comet Vomit, who makes nail polish. Together they put together themed boxes containing a limited edition fragrance and nail polish and they invite yet another indie company to contribute each month.

So yeah, fragrances. It's apparently a thing I love now and I look forward to the next time I can place big order of fragrance adventures!

Southern Comforts:
Comet Comforts (monthly box):

Friday, 23 September 2016

Look: Glitter lip and nails. (+mini review)

Found myself a tiny bit hormonal yesterday morning so I decided to make an effort to cheer myself up a bit and keep my mind busy by playing with make-up.

Did nothing complicated but it doesn't have to be.
Sometimes I only do one part of my make-up and I like how it looks way more dramatic then it is.

Product details at the end.

Product details:
First of all I used a light application of DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed over the lower half of my face (wasn't going to take pictures beyond my lips).
The lipstick was a kickstarter early bird reward, I don't remember the brand but that's fine as it's kinda bad...
It's very moisturising but the color is really streaky and you have to blot and powder about 3 layers for a somewhat passable application. Which in my opinion isn't worth it for everyday use. I did four layers here, I've used this lipstick for a total of four times and I'm quite a bit down the bullet already... 😒 But I guess that's alright seeing as its only a playtime product for me.
On my top lip I have Dirty Hippie Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Carbon blended to an ombre effect downward.
Since the lipstick is moisturising I didn't need any help to fix the glitter to the lips.
The glitter is T-800 from Espionage Cosmetics. It's one of my favorites to use, I love holographic stuff.

My nails:
Stargazer Products Nail polish in 129 (black). This one does get bubbles if it's warm, just a warning. The first layer is super off putting as it is very streaky but the second one completely covers the nail. Wears well just be careful not to have a hot bath the same day you get them done as I did. Two of my nails came clean off...
Used Barry  M Cosmetics Gelly plumping top coat to fix three layers of glitter.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Look: Everyday glam.

I really don't like the trendy Kardashian face on me, looks great on others but in all honesty I'm too lazy for the baking, perfectly contoured face, highlight of destiny etc.
I look after my skin and don't see the need to cover it up.
I've been brought up with the mentality of enhancing beauty and features without twisting them or creating unnecessary illusions.
Because of that I'm always using as little over all coverage as I can, it also feels better and it gives me more freedom.
So today I made sort of a "get ready with me", wasn't going anywhere but felt the need to play.
(This was really just an excuse to try some new things from the haul in my previous blog entry.)

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Hydrating Primer on my face.

Primed eyelids and applied a layer of DHC BB Cream in Moonlit under the eyes.
I do that because it blends nicer the longer it's on the skin.

DHC Bronzed Rose Powder applied on the crease and upwards for blending later.

DHC Mineral eye shadow in Carbon along the lash line.

Espionage Cosmetics shadow in Athena on the lids.

Athena blended up to the crease with DHC Bronzed Rose Powder.

F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed shadow in Hydra's Wrath over the lids.

DHC BB Cream blended and more applied to the rest of the face to cancel some redness and sunscreen!!!

Setting. I mix Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Finishing powder with DHC Coconut Highlight Powder and DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed for a not so matte finish.
Gives a pretty glow when it catches the light.

DHC Mineral Lipstick in Terra Firma applied and blotted once lightly.

Lashes curled and coated with two layers of Autograph Aqua Proof Black mascara.
(By Marks and Spencer) Brows defined using a small amount of DHC Mineral eye shadow in Carbon.

Finally a light contour/blush using DHC Bronzed Rose Powder to tie it all together.
And that's it!
Might seem like a lot but I use minimal product and this look, including time to take pictures and messing with the light took me just under an hour.

How long does it take for you to do your medium glam face?
I'll have more pictures of the completed look on instagram @cynthiaiskillikill

Monday, 19 September 2016

Haul: Newness and some Back-ups.

Where I live post codes don't exist.
In order for me to get things which can't be found in our little town I have to order online, internationally. What I order I get sent to a local hub through a shipping warehouse in SA, the UK or US. So it's whatever time it takes for the parcel to arrive at my selected warehouse plus the time it takes for the warehouse to process the parcel as they have to go through the contents to make sure there's no dangerous goods or things which they don't handle for various reasons.
All in all it normally takes around 2 (if I'm lucky) to 5 weeks for me to get my things, it takes longer if my orders contain liquids. I just wanted to put this out there as I will be posting about things which are limited editions, seasonal or even GWPs occasionally.

Such is the case today.
I placed my first ever order to Southern Comforts in June and this little indie company has changed my love for fragrance, which before them was non existing. I used to go for "clean smells", fresh laundry stuff, hella boring. In August I placed my second order in conjunction with Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party celebration.
So here's what I ordered:

Two body balms:
The Night The Lights Went Out (Honey Tangerine, Lavender Absolute, Dark Vanilla, Tonka Absolute)
Miss Leonie's Lift (Yuzu, Bergamon, Pink Peppercorn, Geranium)

Body lotion:
West Memphis Sweater Weather (White Chocolate, Coffee, Whipped Cream, Toasty Bread, Vanilla, Wood, Amber)

5 Oil Samples (plus two extra, because she's wonderful):
I let Allison chose for me as I was a bit overwhelmed by the amazing selection, she has great taste and this is what she chose for me:
From the Pretty Scents:
Island in The Stream (Pineapple, Sweet Orange, Spicy Cardamon)
Charlotte Sunshine (Lemon Wedges, Tea, Sugar, Gardenia Blossoms, Gardenia Tree Leaves)
Mama Tried (Four Vanilla, Blended Whisky, Gardenia, Honeysuckle)
Kentucky Harvest (Fall Leaves, Red Apple, Pear, Cedar Wood, Dirt)
From Hamilton by SoCo:Helpless (Tea Cakes, Champagne, Floral Arrangements and Fresh Peaches Imported from Georgia)
You'll Be Back (Seawater, Wet Sand, Wood, Tea, Powder)
Burn (Aging Roses, Tears and Burning Paper)

Fragrance Oil:
Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party (Sugared Lemon, Buttery Cake, Bakery Vanilla, Sweet Burbon Glaze, Black Tea, Fresh Lemon, Raw Sugar, A Touch of Pink Lady Apple and Anjou Pear, A Hint of Spice and the Faintest Wisp of Sweet Amber) with pin.

Also received a GWP which consisted of a petite solid perfume in Moonpie's Bath Day Tea Party (these are so convenient on the go) and a mini foaming sugar scrub in the same scent, which is pretty awesome if you're into luxury feel body care.

Southern Comforts link:
Southern Comforts Fragrance Master List:

And now to my Dirty Hippie Cosmetics loot... Hahaha, this post is going to be so long... Sorry... ^^
As the people who follow me on Instagram might know, I'm a huge fan of DHC.
I started my journey towards a cleaner life in 2011 after I got married and was at my all time biggest.
It's been a very rewarding journey and along it I decided to look into clean beauty, that's where I came across amazing Danni who runs DHC.
So what I got this time round was:

Organic Vegan Moisturizers:
2x Age Defying Blueberry Bliss (cause I'm getting old ya'll)
Nourishing Sweet Rose
Hydrating Hemp and Raspberry Seed Primer

Face Mask:
Calming Chamomile
Blueberry Bliss (back-up)

Coconut Highlight Powder, refill.

Raw Face Feed (a must, back-up)

Luxury Facial Cleansing Bar (back-up)

BB powder in Sunkissed which was super well timed as I hit major pan on one of my powders.

Mineral lipstick in Terra Firma... Which is now my all time favorite.

Link to Dirty Hippie Cosmetics shop:

I'm going to write more about both these companies later on with reviews and how I use each thing... I love them both and have not come across anything which hasn't preformed or not been as described. So yay! Also please feel free to drop me any questions.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Look: Purple is Epic.

Purple is a comfort color to me.
I don't really know why, do you have a color you associate with a feeling?

I wanted to feel sparkly after a previous bad make-up day.
So this is what I made:

Product details at the end as usual.

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics BB Cream as base. Coconut Highlight Powder mixed with Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Finishing Powder. Mineral eyeshadow in Carbon and Boysenberry. Bronzed Rose Powder.
Espionage Cosmetics glitter in Phaselock. Shadows in Eridium and Vault Hunter.
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics loose highlight powder in Dragon Mist.
Such a beautiful multicolored shimmer.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Collaboration: Summer favorites.

This week I'm part of a "Summer Favorites" collaboration hosted by @natyrabeauty on Instagram.
The theme is very wide with the only restriction being that it has to be something from this summer.
What I chose was a couple of make-up trends which I mashed together.
The trends I went with was:

Glossy lids.
Red shadows.
Multicolored brows.
Colored lashes.
Dewy skin.
Shadowing rather than the over done contouring.
Nude gloss/lip oil.

And here's the result:

Product details at the end as usual.

Products used:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics BB cream in Moonlit. Mineral eyeshadow in Carbon for the brows. Mineral eyeshadow in Blue Sky over primed lashes.
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow in Blazing Unicorn (the red/copper/peach shadow).
Espionage Cosmetics glitters Frak! mixed with Boom! and Kiss of Death Lip Serum in Gilded Force on the lips and over the lids keeping a safe distance from my eyes.
Neve Cosmetics shadow in Ghiaccio as highlight on my cheekbones, cupids bow, nose bridge and inner corners of my eyes.

Monday, 12 September 2016

A moment: RuPaul Andre Charles, you're a winner!

I'm so happy about RuPaul winning an Emmy!!!
Can we just call this victory for what it is? Drag is officially mainstream!
As a supporter for the LGBT-community this inspires me to be even louder about it.
In a world where people unfortunately don't get exposed to the actual world it's important to speak about what you are passionate about. A lot of people live very sheltered lives and have been passed on generations of ignorance. Unless we who have a bit more life experience speak about this, the world will continue to be a very divided place.
So share your views, don't be scared, listen to others and see what you can contribute with. Share your experiences, what you are passionate about and help growth.

Anyhow... Yay! ^^

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Look: Treasure lip art.

I placed an order at F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics and one of the shadows I got was Hydra's Wrath.
It was actually one I ordered just because I liked the name (yup, I'm a sucker for good names).
I wasn't really impressed by what it was describes as, I was way more excited about the rest of my order!

And this is it...
This is Hydra's Wrath over Iman Cosmetics lipstick in Rebel (Chocolate brown)...
It's gorgeous! I'm so impressed with the pigmentation and how it transforms.
Here's today's experiment/playtime result.

Full product details at the end as usual.

Face base:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics BB cream in Moonlit topped with Coconut Highlight Powder as setting powder... I'm completely obsessed with that highlighter.
Iman Cosmetics lipstick in Rebel, probably my favorite lipstick from the line that I have tried. It's unfortunately a bit patchy but I make it work by putting on three layers and blotting between each layer. Once it's on, it stays really well.
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow in Hydra's Wrath pressed along the edges of the lips faded towards the center. There's more pictures and swatches of this shadow on my Instagram @cynthiaiskillikill.
Espionage Cosmetics Kiss of Death Lip serum in Gilded Force mixed with Sugarpill Goldilux for the awesome gold dripping.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Look: My everyday face.

My everyday face is very straight forward.
I currently use a BB cream with minimal coverage (20% coverage) which is mainly to hide my redness, to lightly conceal my dark circles and for the sunscreen in it. I personally don't like full coverage, I can't stand it when I can't randomly shove my face into my puppy's snugly body or headbutt the husband... I basically don't like to worry about leaving make-up marks or having to worry about my skin looking patchy. Instead I opt for a light coverage, a pretty highlighter, a simple lip and eyeliner. What I tend to experiment with is my eyeliner and highlight. Other than that it's pretty much the same every time I go out.

Face done for grocery shopping day, I rarely brush my hair.
Product details at the end.

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics: BB Cream in Moonlit. Mineral Eye Shadow in Carbon as a very light eyeliner. Coconut Highlight Powder down my nose bridge. Bronzed Rose Powder, lightly dusted over my lids and for a very gentle contour of my cheeks.
Espionage Cosmetics: shadow The Engineer, which is my highlighter for the day and Retrofit which I used to give my brows a super light shadow just to help them frame my face.
Iman Cosmetics: Lip Shimmer in Muse.
Kryolan: cream highlighter in Cashmere. This is my favorite highlight base. If I'm wearing highlighter I usually dab this on first to amp whatever else I have over. Today this is the base for the EC shadow The Engineer. Looked really pretty irl but unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the lavender shimmer. Sadness.
Shiro Cosmetics: Finishing Powder: Fatality. As setting powder mixed with equal amounts of the Coconut Highlight Powder as I don't like a completely matte face.

A few more pictures can be found on my Instagram: @cynthiaiskillikill

Monday, 5 September 2016

Look: Green eyes.

Having had a not so great start to the day I decided to perk myself up with some make-up.
My body still seems to be fighting off the cold I had a week ago and I've been physically drained.
And to top that off I woke up with a sore spot on my face (seen under my eye in the first picture) which I initially thought to be cystic acne but proved to be a mosquito bite. Which is really itchy now...

Today's look is a very basic one.
There was no inspiration behind it, I just wanted to wear green.
Product details at the end. 

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics:
BB cream in Moonlit as my face base. Really liking this cream, it has light coverage but cancels redness like no other! I don't use any concealer over this one, which I normally have to with other similar products. It is greyish which is probably why it's magical.
Mineral concealer in Sunkissed. I don't use this concealer in the way it might be intended. As I tend to be more on the pale side I use this concealer to warm up my complexion and as a very, VERY subtle contour or bronzer.
Mineral Eye shadow in Pine Needels, this went on my eyelids up to the crease. It's a pine green matte shadow, has to be used with primer to stick properly. If not you'll get a washed out kind of green, which still looks great but not what I'm after. I want forest green over my eyes.
Mineral Eye shadow in Ever Green. Ugh, this is my love. It's a beautiful emerald green. Applied along my lash line, top and bottom mixed with a bit of Medusa's Make-up Eyeliner seal.
Mineral Eye shadow in Honey Suckle for a soft highlight and contour/blush.
Shiro Cosmetics:Finishing Powder: Fatality.
Espionage Cosmetics:
Shadow in Betrayal for the crease blended upwards to the brow bone where I used the shadow Respawn to fade the green and for highlighting the inner corners as well.
Shadow Double Kill used on the brows which is a dark green shimmery shadow. Camera didn't pick up much of the duochrome but you get a faint idea of it in the second picture.
Iman Cosmetics:
Lip Shimmer in Debutante.
This is just an awesome "your lips but better" for ladies of paler complexion.
It's really tacky so if you like slippery lips this is not for you.
I'm just happy if my lips don't feel dry.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Basics: What my skin is like.

Picture: My face wearing coconut oil, black pigment and oil mix over the eyes and brows. Glitter  on my brow bone and cheek bones (I will never stop the sparkle madness!). In low light to show my skin texture.

I want to let you know what my skin is like before I dive any further into my stash, skincare and recommendations based on my experience. This will be my reference point until anything changes.

I'm 30 now and my skin can mainly be considered normal.
I have an oily T-zone during the summer (above 30 degrees Celsius with more than 70% humidity.) but the rest of the year I do have dry skin. Oily eyelids, dry on and around my nose and mouth.

My skin is very soft and feels thin.
I have hyper pigmentation, sun spots, medium sized pores, redness around my nose, on my cheeks as well as my jawline, just started getting fine lines under my eyes and my laugh lines are very prominent. I get cystic acne when the seasons change. I get hormonal acne around my jawline.

I use oils daily.
I use eye cream and serums.
I use sunscreen everyday on my face and lips.
I wash my face morning and night (an additional time midday during the summer).
I exfoliate gently every evening with a Konjac sponge.
I do a weekly face mask.
I have very dry lips, no matter how much water I drink, I always need lip balm.
I switch my skincare routine depending on the weather and my cycle.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Look: Shadow Glam.

Yesterday I had the urge to play with Concrete Minerals loose shadow in Risqué.
It's a shadow I bought earlier this year as I realized I didn't have any red at all in my stash, which is nuts!
I love red eye shadow, there's something very (for lack of a better word) cool about it.
It can however also look horrible... Key, as in all make-up application, is to build it slowly. And bleeeeend...

I really wanted to share this set as I didn't feel like Instagram made it any justice.
And can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous lavender highlight? (Product deets at the end)
It looks blue on it's own but as it was applied over red on the eyes and purple on the cheek bones it tuned out a bit more magical than I expected it to. A happy accident.

And yes, I'm still experimenting with my table lamp. ^^

Product details:
Dirty Hippie Cosmetics:
-Mineral concealer in Sunkissed applied lightly to cover a bit of redness on my cheeks, on and around my nose.
-Mineral shadow in Carbon, my absolute favorite matte black shadow probably ever. Used here for the brows, under eyes, as eyeliner and a tony bit around my lips to help the golden shimmer to pop against my pale complexion.
- Mineral shadow in Boysenberry: This was the first time using it on it's own not over another base than just skin. It's a gorgeous pale gray purple. Used to hollow out my cheek bones and ever so slightly as a blush.
- Eyeshadow in Goldilux. Used to outline my lips, over my lids and with a super light hand down the bridge of my nose and along the outer part of my brows.
Concrete Minerals:
- Shadow in Risqué (red). All the red seen. Constantly blended and layered.
Shiro Cosmetics:
- Finishing Powder: Fatality. A colorless rice and clay mix finishing powder.
Espionage Cosmetics:
- Shadow The Engineer. Which is the gorgeous lavender highlight... It's so much more beautiful irl. I did apply it with a damp brush then packed on a bit more because I <3 it.
- Kiss of Death lip serum in Gilded Force as my lip base.