Sunday, 1 April 2018

Bullet Journal Part 2 + Stationery Haul: April.

Good day my fellow BuJo lovers!

I have to give myself a pat on my back for being so consistent with my journaling for the past three months. It really has helped me manage anxiety and stress.

Here's my April spread.

My April main page: I chose to add a mantra this month as I've been reading into it lately and this spoke to me. Below my April title I have a few hearts my niece made for me where I'll put important dates such as birthdays for this month. On the second page I have my goals for the month, which I'm still working on, my social media plan/ideas and finally my workout tracker.

On my third page I have my expenses and a narrow list of future expenses to keep myself from treating myself too hard! Next page is my food and mood page, I'm very much ruled by my belly and I like knowing what I've had so I can pinpoint anything that might cause problems. Labelling on food products aren't the best in this country so I have to make a bit of an effort when buying new things or eating out... A gamble for a lactose intolerant vegan.

My weekly planner. Not much to say about this really... Made a pretty flower to fill up some space. I don't always do a weekly planner with tasks for each day but this week I need it.

I've also updated my 2018 spread with a little "things I want" and "important savings" (one of which I had to censor to avoid the person it relates to seeing it!
Other than that I'm happy with the layout and still have a but of space to use as the year progresses for whatever else might come up.

Random Haul!

While I was in South Africa getting all my yearly checks done I went to a few stationery shops. I was expecting to find a lot more but still managed to find a few good bits.

I got myself a set of Stabilo Pastel Highlighters, which I've been using a lot. A set of Stabilo Pastel Fiber-Tip pens, I still haven't managed to master these, I keep making them bleed through the pages... And I know they shouldn't... Definitely need a lighter hand with these, I'm so out of practice in general with my handwriting. Also got a pack of CNA (the store I bought these) Pastel Gel Pens, which I've been loving! They feel a lot more neon but I'm not complaining. A scribbling tablet/pad which I have been enjoying as a base for when I use pens I know will bleed, the I just glue the page into my bullet journal. Oh! And a stencil! I was so excited to find this! I keep forgetting about it though, need to just leave it on the center of my desk... Or something.

And finally when I got back, I got myself a few black pens.
I really struggled finding what I wanted in the stores I visited in South Africa so when I got back I was so fed up that I just went with the traditional types. I will have to do some online shopping in a couple of months for what I want... I really do miss the big bookstores I used to have in Sweden where you had testers out to try on your paper... Oh how I look forward to my trip there early next year.

So that's it for now.
Feel free to tag me in your bullet journal posts and hauls @cynthiaiskillikill on Instagram and @Cynthiaiskilli on Twitter! I love it all! Also feel free to recommend any cool things... Haha. Specific ey?