Friday, 2 December 2016

Haul: Twisted Wonderland Perfumery.

I placed my first order from Twisted Wonderland Perfumery a couple of weeks ago and I finally have all the lovely goodies in my possession!

The presentation was adorable:

Click picture to go to shop.

And in the adorable bag:

The soap bars:

In this picture: Basic Witch (Halloween exclusive) and King of Horror (permanent).
Both vegan soaps.
The lip balms:

In this picture: Red Currant Merlot (which has a light purple tint but it doesn't show up on the lips) and Pomegranate Margarita... These smell amazing. I've been into boozy fragrances lately.
And finally, the sample fragrances:

In this picture: I got myself the following fragrances: Curiouser & Curiouser, Eat Me Drink Me, Merry Unbirthday, What's In The Hookah and Keep Your Temper.

I'm happy with the presentation and with the sizes of the things. A small first impressions/review will be coming early next week. She carries a few more products but due to how expensive it is for me to get things to where I live I have to keep my purchases somewhat reasonable. It's a struggle...

To shop from this lovely store, who now carries a Christmas collection, clickhere. Prices are very reasonable and for random sales and coupons make sure to follow her Instagram. Shipping is reasonable, fast and available for international buyers as well.

I'll be posting on Instagram as I use things, as I usually do, so keep your eyes on my story. (@cynthiaiskillikill)