Thursday, 22 March 2018

Bullet Journal: Part 1.

I've completely fallen for the concept of bullet journaling. Feels like I've tried every form of diary, calender, organizer, you name it, none of which have ever worked for me simply because of the restrictions. At the start of this year I finally dove into the world of bullet journaling and it has been nothing short of amazing. Surprised that it took me so long to discover... And a bit disappointed in myself for not looking into it sooner! 

For my first page I've chosen to not have an index as I don't see it useful for myself quite yet as a BuJo newbie. Instead I have a conversion table and a world map with time differences as those are two/three things I want to learn. Before that I have my period tracker. After a major scare last year I have been tracking my pains and moods so I have a better idea of what my body is up to.

On my third page I have my key, couldn't resist calling it my key stone. I have my monthly list of spreads I aim to keep going at the start of each new month.
A list of the make-up collaborations I'm hosting this year.
And a list of games I want to finish this year, a bit of a kick up my butt as I start games but refuse to finish them if I like them... It's the weirdest thing I do... Been doing that for as long as I can remember...

On my fourth page I have my goals for the year.
Also a little list of the make-up companies I'm allowing myself to buy stuff from this year as I will go completely crazy otherwise... A tiny bit of order to my madness and passion.
I've left spaces on these pages to allow myself see what feels right to me as this is my first time doing this whole thing.

For my weekly spread I don't have a set way of doing it yet as I'll have weeks of basically zero activity besides general chores which fit perfectly on a Post it and aren't time sensitive.
This week for example my week is a bit more than an actual week and my weeks will from now on start Friday's rather than Monday's as the husband has his "weekend" Wednesday and Thursday and I much rather spend all our free time together instead of me running around cleaning and not chilling with him.

That's how my current bullet journal is looking and I'm pretty damn happy with how it's coming along.

Do you use one?
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