Wednesday, 26 October 2016

CometComforts: Rocky Horror Deluxe box.

I'm so impressed!
Ladies, you're kicking all the butts!

The box note:

Click picture to open CometComforts in a new tab.

Click picture to open a new window with Notoriously Morbids shop.

This eyeshadow is so pretty! Pinky, brown lavender shade. 
It's so Janet. Shown here with and without primer. 

Plumping lip balm? Yes please! I have a slight lip balm addiction.
And this is a very welcome addition, it works and it does not mess around! I went in a bit too heavily the first time round... The tingle of doom! Haha! I love the smell and the label art.

Click picture to open an new tab with CometVomits shop.

Alright, I'm completely sold on CometVomit.
The polishes from this kickass babe are gorgeous, go on like a dream. My thumb nail is a bit bubbly because I applied the polish over lotion... Silly me!!! This polish (Rocky) is perfect! And my first ever golden toned nail polish. Making me step out of my comfort zone. Deluxe edition: The chunky glitter polish, also perfect! 10/10.

Click picture to open a new tab with Southern Comforts shop.

Oh, Southern Comforts. I can not begin to tell you guys how much I love everything I've ever gotten from this amazing soul.
Sweet transvestite is a sexy, sweet kick. I'm terrible at describing things so I'll leave it at that.
Deluxe Edition: Elbow sex is my favorite as it smells of cardamom.

Overall presentation was excellent.
And not only did this box contain all the lovely things seen above but it also contained a bag of props to follow this:

I'm saving this for Halloween.

Thank you once again ladies for making such a wonderful box of excitement and magic! I've already placed my order for the Alice in Wonderland box! Yay!