Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Look: Everyday glam.

I really don't like the trendy Kardashian face on me, looks great on others but in all honesty I'm too lazy for the baking, perfectly contoured face, highlight of destiny etc.
I look after my skin and don't see the need to cover it up.
I've been brought up with the mentality of enhancing beauty and features without twisting them or creating unnecessary illusions.
Because of that I'm always using as little over all coverage as I can, it also feels better and it gives me more freedom.
So today I made sort of a "get ready with me", wasn't going anywhere but felt the need to play.
(This was really just an excuse to try some new things from the haul in my previous blog entry.)

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics Hemp Seed & Red Raspberry Hydrating Primer on my face.

Primed eyelids and applied a layer of DHC BB Cream in Moonlit under the eyes.
I do that because it blends nicer the longer it's on the skin.

DHC Bronzed Rose Powder applied on the crease and upwards for blending later.

DHC Mineral eye shadow in Carbon along the lash line.

Espionage Cosmetics shadow in Athena on the lids.

Athena blended up to the crease with DHC Bronzed Rose Powder.

F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics pressed shadow in Hydra's Wrath over the lids.

DHC BB Cream blended and more applied to the rest of the face to cancel some redness and sunscreen!!!

Setting. I mix Shiro Cosmetics Fatality: Finishing powder with DHC Coconut Highlight Powder and DHC Mineral Powder in Sunkissed for a not so matte finish.
Gives a pretty glow when it catches the light.

DHC Mineral Lipstick in Terra Firma applied and blotted once lightly.

Lashes curled and coated with two layers of Autograph Aqua Proof Black mascara.
(By Marks and Spencer) Brows defined using a small amount of DHC Mineral eye shadow in Carbon.

Finally a light contour/blush using DHC Bronzed Rose Powder to tie it all together.
And that's it!
Might seem like a lot but I use minimal product and this look, including time to take pictures and messing with the light took me just under an hour.

How long does it take for you to do your medium glam face?
I'll have more pictures of the completed look on instagram @cynthiaiskillikill