Friday, 9 December 2016

CometComforts: Alice in Wonderland box.

I got my Cometcomforts box a while back.
This was the first box I wasn't completely convinced to get by the pictures on social media. Another reason was just that I don't have a connection with Alice in Wonderland and I also wasn't a big fan of the polish from the pictures I was seeing as I normally go for dark polishes.

So this was in the box:
Click picture to get to Cometcomforts shop.

So first of all I want to give major love to CometVomit, who is the creator of the polish. This is now my third fullshize polish from her and they freaking last forever on the nails! It's so impressive. I have no idea what kind of magic goes into making these but they're ridiculous! And as for me not liking the shade, I was so wrong. I absolutely love it! It's a perfect shade and it has some beautiful iridescent/holographic flakes which no pictures do any justice. I've actually made my way through half the bottle already... Which makes me slightly sad. But! She has so many gorgeous colors I'll be trying out in the new year so it's fine.
CometVomit nail polish in Shall we have our tea first? topped with Espionage Cosmetics glitter Zark and finished with two layers of high shine top coat.Click picture to get to her Etsy Shop! Worldwide shipping available.

Second surprise was an exclusive sample/mini pressed highlighter from Amalgam Scent Co called Muchness. Well made and lovely!
Muchness by Amalgam Scent Co. Click picture to get to shop.

The third thing was the tea kit.
It was a big push for me to buy this box, not for the amount of tea but the tea strainer is so pretty!!!! I'm a big tea drinker, have been my whole life and this tea from The Naked Bear Organic Herbal tea is gorgeous! Tastes just like Swedish Christmas ginger bread! The big sugar is put aside for the husband who likes his drinks sweetened. All round win!

And finally, the no brainer. The perfume oil and mini balm.
Both gorgeous and made by the awesome that is Southern.Comforts ( I can't begin to tell you guys what a life change the fragrances she creates has been for me. I have placed a bunch of orders since spring and I have fallen hard. I've written reviews of her balms but it's a limited one due to my amazing skills in describing fragrances... The best you'll get out of me is "I love them, they smell amazing". And they totally do.
The fragrance oil smells like all things sweet you'd find at a tea party and the mini balm is Earl Grey scented...

My Nightmare Before Christmas box is currently in transit and will hopefully arrive before Christmas. But the next box will be a charity box with all profits going to an organization who helps low income families help their pets when they can't afford medical treatment. So keep your eyes open and go give CometComforts a follow on Instagram to get all the updates.

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